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  1. Hey mark, I have a vector II a master rigger modded it and put magnetic riser covers on it and tuck tabs on everything... what exactly are walrus teeth jw. The tuck tabs are very stiff, I consider this decently safe for FF would you? THanks!
  2. oh also can a master rigger put tuck tabs for the bottom of reserve flap? is that legal lol
  3. Its a vector II and a master rigger modded it with the Vector 3 magnetic riser covers and tuck tabs, also it was modded with a bridle cover by the BOC to cover he bridle... cause your right i had never seen one either but it was checked by my rigger and he said it was legit. So my big question is what i would have to worry about if the bridle is covered and so are the risers?
  4. Hey just wondering if anyone out there has been freeflying with a vector 2... i jsut bought one and it has all tuck tabs and magnetic riser covers and im going to try free flying with it and see if the reserve flap pops open but the tabs are pretty tight. So anyway just wondering if anyone has had problems with them thanks!!
  5. Ha sounds good, yeah we actually had a great exit and then i just went extremly low so i bet your right. Thanks for the advice!
  6. the suit was a bev suit and no i didnt have booties and yes we are 4 of us have less than 100 jumps lol
  7. Thanks! yeah we started out as a 4 way with 3 of my buddys and were all under 100 jumps and more people jsut kept joining up while we were dirt diving so we said what the heck. good advise though ill definatly work on my body position. what should i change do you think?
  8. Im like 185 and 5' 11'' and i fall like a freakin rock. I was on a 6 way the other day and pulled dowbn half the group and ended up just chillin around 200 ft off to the side below them. I was wearing the largets suit possible it was like a wing suit and i still fell liek a rock. Any suggestions? Ive been told to get swoop chords in my jumpsuit when i get it? correct or not?
  9. murray16

    First solid sit

    I tried it the fist time the other day... when you feel like your about to lose the sit its a lot of fun to stick out your legs and curl in a ball and you just flip like crazy lol just a fun mistake that i discoverd... new jumper so i love it lol
  10. um yeah that is a fantasitc idea i have that same problem, its not fun to do turns when your legs are asleep... im going to get some right now