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  1. I'm 5'7" and I actually use 18's on my WS rig. The longest I ever use is 21's. What you will experience with longer versus shorter risers is a longer recovery arc when you make your final turn to land. If you generally land straight in with no HP turn, then you won't find any difference at all except for the longer reach to get your slider sorted after opening. Chuck D-12501
  2. My answer, as a back-rated Sr Rigger, is simply that in order to get a Master ticket you must be rated in at least two types. Since that's the case, I guess you might as well make it a seat rating if there's any chance you are gonna get pilot rig business. Chuck
  3. Too bad Cookie decided to push their plastic G3 as "industry standard" and stop building "real" carbon fiber G2's years ago.......
  4. I like my G3 for tunnel use because it was issued to me for free at my last job, but I can promise you with 100% certainty that the G2 (carbon fiber) was/is a superior helmet. The G3 is better than the "standard" ProTec tunnel option, but it's far from the best thing you can put on your head; PARTICULARLY when you are working toward your "pro flyer" competence. Also: I didn't read your article at all, but if you didn't recommend low-profile knee and elbow pads for people doing FF/dynamic in the tunnel then you are doing it wrong.
  5. I just did exactly that. Upsized both main and reserve. Wendy P. I'll be 55 in a couple of months and have 9,899 jumps. I've been out of the "ten jumps a day, work jump" mode for two years now and I'd GLADLY trade both of my tiny "sub 100" rigs for ONE rig with a 120 main/143 reserve. I'm dead serious. Chuck
  6. I fail to see, how being a static line/ TI would help in any way in an AFFI-course. What do I not know about SL/TI that would help getting the freefal skills required for AFF? Serious question :) I always thought and have experienced with others that throwing drouges kills freefall skills You missed the 240 HOURS of wind tunnel part.... Someone earlier in this thread mentioned 4-way skills being a big help. In MY case I'm not sure that was the case; it actually hurt me. The first time I attended the AFF Instructor course I was a competitive 4 and 8-way RW jumper at Raeford. I had 1500 jumps and thought I had it dicked. Instead of practicing one-JM exits and dives, me and my piece partner were screwing around doing venezuelan-connection leg-lock exits during the "pre-course". Also, when we got to the release part of the evals with the course director (Don Yarling), the 4-way part of my brain just "knew" that when he spun he would orbit back to me; that was not the case. LOL. What you need to understand, as an AFF-I, is that if you give a student more space than the length of your forearm, then they are going to fuck you....period. However you chose to train, just be SUPER aggresive and vigilant. If you get crowded, don't be afraid to burble-hop to the other side for the rest of the dive. I've got 9,899 jumps now; the GREAT majority of them being AFF/MFF student dives. I love the work and I take it VERY seriously. AFF-I work is NOT for the casual jumper/instructor. It's a huge responsibility, but the work is very rewarding. As this is an older post, perhaps there are tunnels closer to you now... Chuck Blue D-12501, AFF/SL/TM-I, MMPCI-18, MFFJM, S&TA
  7. AWESOME!! I jumped with Jeff when he was 12 years old!
  8. I'm an ORIGINAL member of these forums and I used to moderate FIVE of them. I sort of feel like a prick that i'm barely on here anymore. Some of my BEST, life-long friendships were forged on this site. I was present the very-first time Willem Groebler (Sangiro) showed his face at a US boogie. I love and miss all of you "OG" members. Chuck Blue D-12501
  9. It's been a long fucking time since I logged on, but I for one still remember JP (Deuce) and miss that guy. Such a tragedy. Chuck Blue D-12501, AFF-I, SL-I, T-I, PRO, S&TA, MMPCI-18, PF Coach/Examiner an 8-year "Greenie" on this site. Take care, guys.
  10. 1500 jumps as an SL and tandem instructor plus 240 hours instructing military free fall in the tunnel made it easy 16 years ago
  11. I don't know what to think of it, but I'll definitely second the wicked wingsuit post about turning off the damn line of flight immediately. I've been doing this since the very beginning and have taken some pretty hard hits as an organizer over the years, but this is sad. People need to get their heads out of their asses. Chuck
  12. I never, ever use the foam mouthpiece insert, no matter how cold it is. I got the anti-fog layer off of my lens right away. I do not close my visor until the second I exit (or enter the tunnel) and I open it IMMEDIATELY upon opening. My shit does not fog.
  13. +1 The only response this post needed. I'm with you, Matt. I'm the guy that taught him to fly a wingsuit.