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  1. Ideally, i’d Like to, but currently don’t have a reserve in my rig and therefore no ability to demo. Just wanted to know the reasonability of packing the OP160 as not to give a rigger a difficult job. ...thanks for the reply.
  2. I currently have a vector3 v310 container and am debating putting an OP160 instead of my original OP143 idea. My question is: would it be a pain in the neck for a rigger to pack an OP160 into this container (w/ Skyhook and AAD); I understand it’s considered “full” by UPT, but don’t know to what degree. I’ll be jumping a Sabre2 150 (also “full”).
  3. Recently got a Micron V310 container and was thinking to save a few bucks and put a P.S. Volt 150/Decelerator 150 combo in it. I contacted both Manufacturers UPT and P.S., neither were real helpful as they both pointed me back to the other manufacturer. Can someone on her help me? Just wondering if thsee components will fit safely together. Thanks.
  4. Bud_T

    What's the proper riser length?

    Is there a "General Rule of Thumb" as to what a good riser length for the height of a skydiver? (ie. 19" risers for anyone less than 5'6"; 21" risers for 5'6" - 5'11"; etc...)?? Just trying to figure out if I should get 19" main risers or 21" main risers at 5'6".
  5. Does anyone know much about the icon harness sizes. I'm looking at used rigs and see harness sizes such as, "F-B-G-E" & "C-A-A-E"; I'm curious as to what size each letter corresponds to. I've searched aerodynes website (to no evail) and tried to call (no answer probably because of the holidays). ...Hoping for some help from you knowledgeable folks for answers. :-)