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  1. short version: went camping, at&t blackberry curve slept in a puddle all night, phone is ruined. my cousin gave me her old t mobile curve, which is identical to the one i destroyed, but it wont read my sim. i just did a little googling and figured out that the phone has to be unlocked, so i found some websites that sell 'mep codes'. a few questions: 1. is this legal/legit? 2. will it work? 3. if the answer to those questions is 'yes', when i order my code and it asks for the carrier/provider, do i put at&t because it's the service i use, or tmobile because it's the original provider of the soon to be unlocked phone? so confused. help? Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  2. that's a bad ass soulfly song Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  3. That's what it took? Did you miss the part before that where the duck's bill fell off? Good god I hate that song and now ... haha i guess i did miss that part! i'm not watching it again, though Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  4. i was furious for about 2 seconds, then i realized that the duck on the leash wasn't real. it was cute, at first..... Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  5. i don't mean spending that kind of time away from each other! i just mean that you go and do what you like, and she does the same. that way neither of you are feeling deprived or stifled. it has only been a year...newness wears off, they start getting under your skin. i remember that well. its going to take time to figure out what works for you both...and if she has already spent that kind of time away, you guys aren't exactly getting a fair shot at getting used to married life! Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  6. is she not comfortable with having separate interests/hobbies? i am VERY much a loner and i couldn't stand it if i were with someone who needed to participate in everything i did. maybe you're feeling this way because you feel like if she isn't involved, you can't be either? sometimes being apart is the best medicine if you want to stay together! Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  7. well, after reading this thread i guess it all depends on your pain tolerance. i had mine out right after high school and it was awful. not trying to scare you...just being honest. it was definitely some of the worst pain i've been in. also, your doctors aren't kidding when they warn you about stitches breaking. mine did, and when i got into the doc's office i was bleeding SO badly. he pulled out this huge needle and told me he had to inject my throat to stop the bleeding...so he was going to have to stick this long ass needle in my mouth and down my throat. i fainted right then and there. you'll be fine, i'm sure. its different for everyone. Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  8. could someone who better understands the language of these bailout bills please tell me how, or IF, student loans will be affected? i have read and read, and researched and researched, but i just do NOT understand how this bailout works. i've accepted that, but i would like to know how the lending process for private student loans will be changed. more strict criteria, higher interest rates...what? i'ts coming up on time for me to apply for next year's loans, and i'm really afraid i won't get them. are lenders for private loans being helped the way mortgage lenders are? Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  9. sounds like alice in chains - man in the box he's not saying gee yea my eye, its "jesus christ" Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  10. i'm just crossing my fingers that all of this religious obsession, the incredible amount of time and money that is spent on articles like this, is simply a sign that christianity is losing its hold on the country. certain groups have been in heaven (pardon the pun) for the last 8 years with someone like bush running the show, and now that's over. that's got to be kind of scary. seems to me that obama is a pretty realistic representation of the average christian american. the only "extremism" in your post is right here: "We're getting change all right - he's changing before our very eyes, from the image he portrayed to get your vote during the election, to what he really is - a die-hard extremist liberal." , maybe now we can get back to business and leave god out of it. Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  11. i'm sure its already been said by everyone else already but BE HONEST. kids understand so much more than you think, as i'm sure you know since you have one. try and come up with a way to explain what cancer is in terms that a 6 yr old can understand, but that won't scare him. i wish my parents had done that for me....they left everything so vague and mysterious that i think it scared me more! also, since you do have a bit of time left, see if you can come up with ways to create some final memories that your son will have of his grandpa. make a photo album, a video message for your dad, etc...it really helps with the grieving process, even at a young age. good luck, and my heart goes out to you. Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  12. where is an applause emoticon when you need one?! bravo. Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!
  13. i'd just like to point out that nothing i said had anything to do with partisanship, or even politics in general. i was merely pointing out that perhaps not making fun of the name of our president elect, when attempting to express discontent at the lack of integrity and intellect, would better serve your cause. that's all.
  14. Yeah, that's shaping up to be the standard response to anything critical about Obamer. It makes for a great factual, logical and non-partisan intellectual discussion about the issues. how exactly is intentionally misspelling the president elect's name conducive to logical and intellectual non-partisan discussion? i'd say it borders on childish and irreverent. Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!