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  1. I like them. I think it takes the sport of Canopy Piloting back to its roots - swooping, dragging water and having fun. What CP is now has become dry and boring to me.
  2. frost

    Canopy Control

    Yes. Our instructors do as much as possible to teach those who want to learn. For example, John Kieran runs FREE canopy seminars quarterly(?) for anyone interested.!/SkydivingDoesntHaveToHurt
  3. Can you post some pics of the line wear? Would be good to see how you pack it if you do anything different from what Greg does in his video here:
  4. frost

    info about Dubai

    The list of participants ( ) shows a total of 12 US pilots. Eight of them are listed as "USA CP" and four are listed as "USA CP TEAM", with the last group having an "x" under the the CP column. Anyone on the inside has any idea how to (correctly) read that list? What's the story this year with the money eligibility and US team selection process? I find it difficult to understand - some of the names not of the "USA CP TEAM" should have been there. Team Manager's decision?
  5. frost


    Light front risers, 1/2 and 3/4 braked flight, stall recovery, smooth and radical toggle inputs... the canopy is responsive and predictable in all flight modes. Magellan is docile enough even at 2:1, yet has plenty of swoop in it for experienced pilots. So I use my Mag-120 for wingsuit jumps and am very happy with its smooth openings and great glide.
  6. frost

    GoPro haters

    Wrong. You need to know what you're doing to get "damn good footage". Everyone thinks their footage is good, but in reality 99% is crap. Even the good footage becomes crap when it's ruined by the nose or the goggle strap flapping in the frame, focus problems, position against the sun or something else. To recognize and know all the potential pitfalls takes a lot of jumps and time, some never get there and even with thousands of jumps with a video camera strapped to their head produce video that's dime a dozen and not worth watching. yes, no question about it. And why fight it?? Embrace the progress. Although i am sure there is some old timer at each dropzone still happily jumping a hi8 TRV, looking for a round jack RCA cable to plug into the HDTV
  7. frost

    Swooper's Paradise

    Damn Paul! You're coming out of retirement? Awesome, bro. Hope to make it there sometime this season. Maybe you and Al can make it an FLCPA meet DZ for next season.
  8. frost

    WPC 2010 in Canopy Piloting

    Very proud to find out that the WPC is confirmed for The Motherland! Awesome! ---- and Not clear about these dates... How does this affect the US team selection process. Will USPA adjust the CP Nationals dates? Or will the selection be defaulted to last year's team? This IS a selection year for the US Team, isnt it? I guess an email to USPA could clarify this, unless someone involved with the organization reads this forum.
  9. This might do: or this:
  10. frost

    mounting a neptune to a leg strap

    you can use a soft pillow. Any rigger can make you one. similar to this: but not as long.
  11. frost

    learning to swoop

    very very carefully.
  12. frost

    Vid's & Forums

    no way... really?? just kidding :) Mr. Dan Raymond has posted here some great high quality videos from prior years of CPC and PST. Just use the Search function
  13. frost

    Texas CPC 2009

    yes and please see if you can work out a deal with a good BBQ place near by. Some serious Texas style baby back ribs may be needed for proper wing loading, especially for those light swoopers that fly small velos dangerously underloaded @1.9
  14. frost

    Web template for viewing pics

    Gallery is free and is pretty simple and has decent plug ins and features
  15. ZP JVX? not much, if any. JVX92 fits in the same container that held VX96, same pack job volume, +/-