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  1. I did a few close to the ground on a 90 velo back 13 years ago now. I don't do them near the ground anymore (thanks to a good friend talking some sense into me) but still enjoy doing them on high pulls or planned in flocking jumps. I've done them on 111 FX's down to 71 Leia (220 lbs exit). I think it is more about the responsiveness of the canopy than it's size. outside view Inside view
  2. I recently went to a AO(N2) brilliant pebbles http://www.aon2.co.uk/brilliant_pebbles They do not have the lead up alarms that other swoop audibles offer but they do have 20 customizable alarms that you can easily program with your smart phone. They beep at every altitude you set whether on the way up or down and you can set tone, tone speed, and duration. rechargeable battery as well. You do have to turn on the device before use. I bought the thing to try something new and I am really glad i did.
  3. This sounds eerily like a tandem I was the instructor on. I had to look at your profile to see that you were not my student. Like I stated above this almost exact incident happened to me a while back and I have to say it was serious. I nearly stopped doing tandems that jump. My fellow skydivers talked me through it and encouraged me to jump again that same day and it probably kept me from quitting. I have about 800 Tandems and 3500 jumps overall and have not had anything close to that scary in my time in the sport. You did a good thing keeping calm and your instructor sounds like he addressed the situation by the book. Even though I consider this a serious incident I hope that does not discourage you from the sport... I am still here.
  4. I have 1000 + jumps on PD's RDS the vast majority are terminal. I have used them on Velo's and JVXs and my experience has been positive. I would say the openings are "snappy" but have not turned me off to using them. Just my experience.
  5. This strikes me as a little vague. If I may ask some clarifying questions: Does the above statement mean you agree that cameras are a distraction, that they are an entanglement risk, and that these risks do apply to you?
  6. I don't know my prescription, I just know I have trouble making out signs in time on the highway with out my glasses. I have jumped twice with my glasses (I've never worn contacts) once on one of my night jumps. I did not like it either time. I told people at the DZ (jokingly) that when I see how scary a swoop is it makes me not want to do it. The real reason is the distortion in my periphery throws me off... I think someone is near me in FF and the ground in my lower periphery during plane out makes me flinch. If you can see well enough without correction (even though it is RX) why add a failure mode?
  7. Well if you agree there is a problem that needs to be fixed then maybe it is a misunderstanding on how the USPA works on the macro level. In general terms "The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is a voluntary membership organization of individuals who enjoy and support the sport of skydiving." if the elected body sees a need to address an issue at a cost the cost needs to be covered by the organization. If you see a cheaper solution please detail this but saying there is no problem, or there is but someone else should deal with it is not productive.
  8. +1 (shakes head) Sparky WOW! I made >1300 posts already ?! Criusin ... Actually, almost all those jumps were made last year. I didn't start AFF right after my first jump. Not bad at all w/my work schedule. Regardless, my point stands. Negating it due to my jump numbers is decidedly lame . Mike's point still stands. He has formed his opinion based on data from the people that handle all the cards submitted plus has reviewed and signed countless cards with other instructors himself. You have offered up the fact that your 1 card was filled out properly therefore we do not have a problem. Your point never had a chance of standing.
  9. 98? That is awesome. Can we see the list?
  10. I guess that is part of what I am trying to see. Do I borrow gear more or less than most? I do like to play the field with canopies.
  11. Just going through some of my stats and came across a breakdown of my canopy usage. Thought it may be interesting to some. Anyone else use an electronic logging system that can get their stats? I would like to see other's if you have them.
  12. When I was doing 270's I used to say the swoop is won or lost at 1000 ft, meaning if you put the thought into it before the turn it will pay off and if you are not in the right place at 1000 ft don't force it. Now days it is won or lost at 1500ft.
  13. +1 Nice, well thought out response to a safety issue which it sounds like he is still actively open for solutions on how to bring wingsuiting back.
  14. I do love flying my canopy. But I love swooping too. Why would I give up swooping if I can have both?
  15. really? you didnt seem to have much control on this jump. Oh you... I see what you did there. You are a clever one. How about "I like control over the timing of the reserve opening."