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  1. Yip. Im the CI at Ground Rush. We most certainly do love having fun jumpers around. As a primary tourist destination we have quite a few foreign jumpers passing through our dropzone. Namibia is also a beautiful country to visit. There is plenty to do and see here. Pop me a private message if you guys are keen and I can send you some info. Blue skies, Dave
  2. You should come to Namibia. or sorry Nambia as its now known..
  3. skydave238

    Audible for swoop setup

    Hi guys, Looking at getting a new audible and curious what others are using. Im currently using an old neptune 2. Works just fine but the screen is damaged so i can't change any of the altitudes anymore. Which kinda sucks. A quick look on paragear and there are so many different audibles out there. Which ones are geared towards swooping. Thanx all, Dave
  4. And dont forget you can travel up north to Namibia. Ground Rush Adventures are running an xmas boogie in Swakopmund.
  5. skydave238

    Passed AFF

    Well done
  6. skydave238

    Naked jumps...

    Try taking a sock to keep your niblits insulated.
  7. skydave238

    Fast fall rate

    U'd make a good RW base(wo)men once you get your jump numbers up and learn how to control your fall rate. Dave
  8. skydave238

    Learning how to freefly

    NOOOO!!!!!!!! TAKE IT BACK! Dave
  9. skydave238

    What's the correct order of the instructor ratings?

    In Namibia: Instructor - Jumpmaster Coach Instructor Instructor examiner Rigging - Reserve packer Senior rigger Master rigger Dave
  10. skydave238

    fun... (clicky)
  11. My first 5 sec delay. Good exit, stable deployment. Spring loaded pilot chute. Pilot chute went over the front and wrapped around the outer A lines. Canopy wasnt spinning, but with both toggles up, it was turning to the left. Made the landing and flare a little tricky. With my skill level and number of jumps at the time (14 jumps) maybe I should have chopped. Dave