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  1. I know there is an older post about this but wanted to bring the topic back up and hopefully connect with someone like me. Was born with glaucoma in my left eye, completely blind in it. Did 5 tandem jumps last summer/fall and loved it. Instructor allowed me to wear altimeter (switching between left and right hand to find comfort level) and allowed me to pull the cord, grab the handles and steer in for landing. Ground school starts next week and my instructor called last night to confirm details. He has some concerns about my vision, depth perception and ability to find the canopy handles. I too share those concerns LOL but being one-eyed all my life is all I have ever known and probably over compensate in ways that even I don't know. Wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this with an instructor and how you worked through it to ensure everyone was comfortable in the process. I am in Columbus, Ohio and will be training at the Ohio Skydiving Center south of town.