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  1. Do you jump from Ground Rush? Just looked into it and it looks very interesting! What is availability to jump there as fun jumpers
  2. Looking for some suggestions mid-February of places to go where we can vacation and skydive! We have 13 days and would like to spend 3-5 days skydiving and the rest exploring, hiking, snorkelling, etc. Bonus points if jumping is on a beach. We are Canadian with B license and our own gear. We have jumped in the US, at Xielo in Colombia, and Skydive Vallarta in Mexico. We are not really looking at the US, but open if a suggestions fits the bill. A place we can fly to cheap is EVEN better. This does not need to be a boogie or big dropzone, we just love incorporating some jumping into vacation plans. Canada sucks right now! Thanks!
  3. My first 3 or so PFF jumps I was not afraid at all, then suddenly I learned more and was really afraid at the door. I also spent many of my early jumps tumbling out the door, so combine fear with performance stress, and I was starting to wonder why I was skydiving at all! Around 20ish jumps I feel like the fear went away, although performance nerves in the door still happen. I also found that doing those first few solo jumps without the stress of PFF really improved my confidence going forward.
  4. Thanks all. I was having a bit of a debate of exactly why they fall slower! Google was not helping
  5. Hi All, Can anybody explain why a large formation falls slower? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys! I am pretty enthusiastic about this now and really hoping I can complete AFF (or more), while in Naples! And here I thought my time in Florida would be boring other than getting away from this awful weather! The year end party was just a week or two ago, so I imagine most everyone is still up this way somewhere. I know who Scott is, but alas, have no contact for him Scrumpot! I could probably contact Tara at the DZ and ask some questions -- I think they are in St.Kitts over the winter.
  7. Thanks OzzieDave, I wondered what the equivalency was like between the Canadian and American systems, but it certainly makes the most sense to go to the source and ask the DZ I will be returning to. Alexg I appreciate the your info! It is a shame there is not anything closer to Naples; I might have to come by and check out the shop!
  8. Thanks for the response. I am leaning towards a smaller DZ, so its nice to know that about skydive southwest florida! I will keep the Thursday-sunday schedule in mind.
  9. I have a few questions and please forgive me if they are beginner ones. I will be in Naples, Florida at the beginning of January for a week. I have no concrete plans, so I was hoping to visit at drozone while I am there. I started PFF in Canada in the fall. The DZ does a tandem progression (I think its called advanced freefall progression). I have done 3 tandems (instructional), but no ground school or anything more. I am hoping to do AFF at a dropzone in Florida. I will be there about a week. Is this realistic? I would be fine with doing as many levels as possible and not completing the whole program. Can you pay per jump/level versus the whole program? If I do complete AFF in the US, will I need to redo all of the PFF in Canada in the Spring or just a few levels (I will not be current so I assume a certain amount of levels) ? My next question is I have searched all the dropzones near Naples in the reviews section here. I came up with Skydive Southwest Florida and Skydive Spaceland Clewiston as being in a reasonable drive from where I will be staying. Any suggestions? In googling, I also found somewhere called Skydive Naples, but it was not on the reviews page. Does anyone have any opinions on it? ETA: I regoogled skydiving Naples and it is "" location in Naples... I will call the DZ in advance to speak with them about this, but I just want to get some info first! I realize that I will likely be redoing and spending extra money in doing this, but I would love to get jumping!
  10. Sorry to reply to my own post, but I had a PM asking for more info and I thought it would be useful for you all too! I only have one log book plus lots of pink paged inserts. The log book has 1st log book written in it, so I am not sure if there is another or not. The years on this book are 73-75, but I think I also have pink page inserts from 76. This book says he had a B license. The DZs in this book are mainly St. Antoine, Malone, Berts, Echo Lake with several at St. Antoine being jumps into a campground. There is also St.Jean-Chrysostome, St.Lenard (campground), MacDonald, Cantic, Cape Cod, Magog, Champlain-Sleep Hollow. There is also one location listed as Missisquoi Bay, where they jumped into a lake and met with a boat of scuba divers (he also scuba dove). I’ll attach the newspaper article. A few other names I will throw out are a 4 man star with Jim MacDonald, Peter Wodg(r)ath, and Don Grime. Hope that helps anyone! It would be cool to find more info or if not I hope you guys enjoy reading this. ALSO sorry if names or locations are incorrectly spelled – it was hard to read the cursive.
  11. This is a long shot, but I am pretty curious. Hopefully this is okay to post here. I found one of my dad's old log books and have really enjoyed reading through it. It would be awesome to "meet" anyone who knew him back than! His name was Gerald MacKimmie, but also went by Jed and Jerry. The log book had his club name as Georgian Skydivers. He has several other DZs listed throughout Quebec as places he jumped (I can't remember the names off the top of my head, I'll check). A few people mentioned were Jerry Doyle, Nancy, Jeff, Don, Jacqui, and Trevor (no last names on those ones). It seems like the early 1970s and I think he eventually got out of the sport after the third time he shattered his leg. Thanks if anyone has any insight! I have a few old photos I could dig up.
  12. Thank both of you for the kind responses! Skymama I wish I was in florida, I could also avoid shovelling feet of snow all winter. wan2doit Thanks for all the tips! I found the day after a jump that my hip flexors were fairly sore. I guess flexibility exercises would be perfect for me. I will look more into the tunnel!
  13. I have been reading here on and off over the last month, so I thought it was time to sign up and introduce myself! My first tandem jump was a birthday gift to myself. I could not convince any friends to go with me, so I finally decided to call and go on my own! I was not expecting to love it so much, I guess I am addicted! I have done 3 tandem jumps, but the season is pretty much over here for students, so I was advised to start the AFP (I think that’s the correct Canadian acronym) in the spring. I can’t wait! I was very happy with the instructors feedback and look forward to learning more. Someone was telling me about checking out the tunnel, which I probably will as I have one close to my house. It is going to suck waiting all winter, how do you all do it? hah Umm a bit more about me, I have been working in customs and recently got accepted into a post-grad certificate program. I hope to change careers while I have the time in my 20s. I have a horse and love back country camping. Cheers