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  1. I have 2 velo 103. Dom 03, and 12. Riser pressure much higher on the newer canopy. Harder to get into steep turn recovers sooner. Was there. Change in cut and design during those years? Anyone know? Set up on both rigs is the same. Both fly different. Loding at 1.9- 2. Thanks
  2. icarus93

    Uno 620

    I don't see any info on how this is anything other than an RW suit. I am sure I have more range with my Bev Suit.
  3. Be carefull this guy thinks he is an instructor but we really just let him sit in the plane sometimes while he makes engine noises with his mouth. He has to be removed before he drools on the controls!
  4. Luigi Cani stated in a canopy course 2 years ago "they" had done multiple tests for increasing glide ratios using different methods. The hands down winner was to use 1/4 or so brakes as well as the chest strap loosened, get small etc. However in listening to students from Luigi's course they had differing opinions about the information and in some cases had it backwards and beleive FRONT risers were to be used! Needless to say learning ALL your canopy flight parameters is what a course should relate. A recent article in Parachutist speaks about canopy control manuvers to practice in order to wring out all the performance from your wing. I beleive the increase in death with good canopies overhead is a good reason to fly the crap out of a canopy before making a reasonable downsize selection. A recent example was an A licence student who purchased a 235 f111 jumped it maybe 50 times now wants to puchase a ZP170. Slow down, fly that thing!
  5. Just curious as to how many under 18 tandem students are seen each season/year? for those following on this post.
  6. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129112147 Check this story out about time distortion in stressfull situations. It was done by researchers working with skydivers. If the link dosn't work check NPR.org and look up "Why a brush with death triggers the slow MO effect."
  7. icarus93

    Camera Suit

    I got my suit 10 years ago and jump 90% doing video 400+ jumps per year out of mostly 182's. This suit is still in great shape looking new after an occasional wash. I have only replaced wing attach points for wear. Everything else is great. If you are serious about a stable plateform to film from I recommend BEV for sure.
  8. Question. Do most of you edit/burn your paying customers videos your self? Or is that done by the DZ after you dump it? I have heard of DZ's charging $10.00 per video to have them edit it for the camera flyer. Thoughts?
  9. Thaks for the info. What would be the prefered line set? I have seen different posts about this.I am looking at a used canopy and want to prepare for the new line set that is needed every 500 jumps.
  10. A friend will help you move... A real friend will help you move a BODY!
  11. Looking for feed back on jumping camera with a velo in the 90 range. I have 5000+ jumps and a ton of them are camera jumps. I currently have 2 rigs but only jump the 120 for camera. I also have an Icarus 94 FX which I do not jump with cameras due to inconsistant openings and occasional line twist. I would like to have a high performance canopy I can work and play with. I have asked velo pilots about openings and they all say "consistant on heading" Does anyone have any feedback/suggestions prior to spending $?