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  1. old_timer


    I wanted to wait till I had a few jumps on the canopy before I wrote this. I now have about 20 or so jumps on the canopy, I can not say enough about this canopy as to how great it is. I am not that good at pro packing and the tri opens like I know what I am doing. Great openings every time. Like I have told many people I have jumped with I have tried to pack a malfunction but the tri has opened every time on heading with great ease. I love this parachute. If you are looking for a chute that will open every time nice an soft and fly in any wind conds. The tri is for you. Landing this parachute is a dream, here again if you want a canopy that will set you down soft and not pound you in the ground buy the tri. I just can't say enough good things about this canopy. OK here's one if you want to swoop this is not the canopy for you. BUT! If you want a canopy that will be your best friend buy the triatholan! I love my new tri!
  2. old_timer


    I was in deland FLA and I used a racer from the jump shack. I had a total malfuction and had to go to the resever. It was their 191 Anglefire. What a great canopy that is. The canopy opened soft Nice stand-up landing. I wt about 200 out the door.