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  1. You might want to look into getting a little wt. off your body if nothing else for your health. Plus it will make hitting the ground better... Good luck in what ever you do and welcome back in the sport... I see a lot of oldtimers comming back... Take it slow the sport has changed. I have been in the sport 45 year now and it has done a 180 from when I first jumped in 1967. What changed to sport was the slider!!!
  2. I know of two jumpers that have gotten in the sport of skydiving and refuse to wear Glasses or contacts when they jump! What is with that! Both are woman... Sorry people if you need glasses to drive you need glasses to skydive! Suck it up! This is not a fastion show it is a skydive! I don't give a rats ass if you don't look good in glasses. I wear mine you wear yours!!!
  3. Hello all I have a Z1 helmet and need a new liner, their is a site out their that is called feather something that sells liners for the Z1 helmet, can some one tell me the rest of the name. Thanks for the help Have a great day all!
  4. could it be that maybe he did poorly, because he only had a couple dozen jumps! In the tunnel the ground does not come up at you as in freefall. And that alone can make someone nervus and blow the jump...
  5. I started diving in 1967 Back in the day, you would have made your last dive! You made it don't quit now. I had a landing go bad on me when I was first learning to jump---- spent four days in a hospital I had no idea who i was or where I was. But when I was better and away from doctors care i went back to the sky where I belonged. Get better work on your stableity and get back in the sky! If you do not jump any more no you can not call yourself a skydiver! But you can tell people that you did that a few times and got hurt and quit the sport! In order to be a skydiver you must jump! I have been at it for 44 years now and love the sort, yes I have been hurt lots two dislocted shoulders both have been opperatied on one works fine the other not so good. But I still dive I will never be great or good b ut I do have fun and that is all that matters! I love this soprt and most of the people in it! So quit winng and get better and get back in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How does that tee shirt go(shut up and Jump)
  6. Hey all I just got a solo from dz.com and I have no idea how to set it? Can anyone help me here? Also how do i change the batteries in this thing? Thanks for the help! chuck D-1962 This is truly old dog new trick shit to me!
  7. I wanted to wait till I had a few jumps on the canopy before I wrote this. I now have about 20 or so jumps on the canopy, I can not say enough about this canopy as to how great it is. I am not that good at pro packing and the tri opens like I know what I am doing. Great openings every time. Like I have told many people I have jumped with I have tried to pack a malfunction but the tri has opened every time on heading with great ease. I love this parachute. If you are looking for a chute that will open every time nice an soft and fly in any wind conds. The tri is for you. Landing this parachute is a dream, here again if you want a canopy that will set you down soft and not pound you in the ground buy the tri. I just can't say enough good things about this canopy. OK here's one if you want to swoop this is not the canopy for you. BUT! If you want a canopy that will be your best friend buy the triatholan! I love my new tri!
  8. Remember: You are really not alone up their, you have two instuctors hanging on to you. And when they do let you go, they are still their in case your get your self in trouble. Have fun and enjoy the sport!
  9. I was in deland FLA and I used a racer from the jump shack. I had a total malfuction and had to go to the resever. It was their 191 Anglefire. What a great canopy that is. The canopy opened soft Nice stand-up landing. I wt about 200 out the door.
  10. I am one of the lucky skydivers, you see my wife loves for me to jump or I am a real pain in the ass when I have not jumped in awhile. Plus my wife is really into riding her bike and when I go to the DZ she will ride her bike to the DZ. The DZ is 56 mile away this gets her out doing what she loves to do and I get to jump as well. Good luck!
  11. Hello all I just got a new triathlon and I was wondering if you all could help me out and let me know how you pack your tri! Thanks!
  12. I think a POD would be great for these ZP Canopy's
  13. Does anyone know who Invented the Slider? And what year was that?
  14. Yes I do remember Cardnal Puff I would have to go back in my log book to find out when I made Cardnal
  15. Murphy's Law what can go wrong will go wrong! Replace it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!