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  1. Sorry buddy, don't get on a load when the ground winds are >14mph. It is that simple. Sometimes you don't get a choice which direction you need to land.
  2. I believe Chris Gay had weights sewn into his backpad (don't know the make) for the CRW record (100-way?) in Florida.
  3. Vectran, HMA, Dacron and Spectra (microline) all look quite different ask an experienced jumper or rigger to have a look and tell you. Additionally: http://www.skydivespaceland.com/parachute-line-type/
  4. I'll never understand how people will jump equipment they don't understand and yet trust it to save their life..
  5. DaVinciflies


    Yes - really good series.
  6. Am I an eye wear instructor? No, not got that rating yet. The OP asked for advice - I gave him some. Nobody is forcing him to take it. If you wish to continue this personal vendetta against me - again I suggest you either take it to PM or start your own thread. You add little to no value to these forums and quite frankly I am surprised you haven't been given a break for some of the idiotic things you have said. I doubt anyone is impressed by your spouting bullshit whilst hiding behind an internet persona.
  7. My advice is from personal experience of misreading a Viso.
  8. No, you really should not say any more. But if you have an issue with me, I suggest that you start a new thread to air your grievances instead of cluttering up existing threads where people are trying to have a sensible discussion.
  9. If you look at the Chicago area which supports several DZs, then yes, there is probably enough business to go around. Skydive Houston is quite a way outside the city.
  10. No, I am passing on knowledge from a mistake I made. The more you post, the less credible you become.
  11. That's given more information on which to base your decision to chop it. Good stuff!
  12. And you are still refusing to listen to numerous others with massively more experience than you who are saying: a) this was a perfectly well handled situation. b) you are in over your head with what you are trying to do in terms of landing techniques and equipment. The masses are speaking to you and they are saying "You're wrong, and you're wrong". You might want to consider this - and humbly take action other than defending yourself.
  13. That's a very biased opinion. There are skydiving companies whose customer service is outstanding, including (but not limited to): - L&B - PD - Chutingstar - Velocity Sports Equipment ....in my experience.
  14. I haven't read the whole thread, but in case it hasn't been mentioned - avoid polarized lenses if you plan to use an altimeter with an LCD display such as a Viso or Neptune.