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  1. DaVinciflies

    A THIRD drop zone in Houston?

    If you look at the Chicago area which supports several DZs, then yes, there is probably enough business to go around. Skydive Houston is quite a way outside the city.
  2. DaVinciflies

    Canopy coaching in Lodi

    My own opinion is that if you are truly serious about this, you should not be so adamant about Lodi and go to where the best coaching is available. IMO the very best coaching is going to be one-on-one, and there are several very good coaches available who will do that for you around the US.
  3. DaVinciflies

    Rough week...

    Agreed. Shocking. :-(
  4. Yes. Worlds apart. If you get the Bonehead Revolve you have a full face and an open face in one helmet.
  5. DaVinciflies

    Wing Loading?

    Total weight of you and all your gear in (pounds) divided by the square footage of your canopy. Eg. You weigh 190lbs and all you gear (including clothes and your rig with canopies) weighs 30lbs and you jump a 220 square foot canopy - your wing loading is 220/220 - 1lb/sq ft It is an indicator of how your canopy will perform.
  6. DaVinciflies

    Would you support a wingloading BSR?

    Assuming this is done to limit the number of accidents caused by lower experience jumpers getting in over their head, 1.8 seems like a pretty high number. It seems to me that 1.5 might be a better limit. Still pretty sporty and more in line with Germain's chart (in that a D-license requires 500 jumps). I realize this is all theoretical, but unless we have a firm BSR proposal to vote on it is hard for me to know whether the answer is yes or no. I also realize that anyone can pluck numbers from the air, but 1.8 still seems very high to me.
  7. It will lengthen the recovery arc by allowing the suspended mass to take more time to swing back under the wing. Anything else?
  8. DaVinciflies

    How snug should a helmet (BH Revolve) fit?

    Call Bonehead - they are super-helpful. It sounds to me like this lid is too loose for you, and it will only get looser as you wear it. Give BH a chance to sort things out for you.
  9. DaVinciflies

    Letting go!

    I suspect the answer to that is a very personal and individual thing. However, the great majority of people who get on a skydiving aircraft do end up jumping.
  10. DaVinciflies

    Landing tips?

    Here's some reading for you: http://collegeskydiving.com/tips-from-the-pros/canopy-flight/7-tks-accuracy-seminar http://www.apf.asn.au/Members/Information/Altitude-and-Glide-Assessment/default.aspx http://www.performancedesigns.com/docs/survival.pdf Also flying a repeatable pattern is key. This means having a plan before you get on the plane. In this way you can make meaningful adjustments on future jumps, eg. "Last time I turned to final at 300' over point X and overshot the target by 30' so next time I will turn at 300' over a point 30' back from point X." or perhaps: "Last time I turned to final at 300' over point X and was right on target, but now the winds are stronger so I will make my turn at 300' but move my turn to final closer to the target as I will get less penetration on final" You really want to be in the right place for your final turn so that you don't have to make any adjustments on final. This ensures you are flying at full speed at flare time which will give you the most power in your flare.
  11. IMO the only way to know what helmet is right for you is to try them on.
  12. DaVinciflies

    Deaths since I quit.

    To give a more complete picture: the number of fatalities per thousand USPA members (a better measure of the US situation than absolute numbers) continues to decline. http://www.uspa.org/AboutSkydiving/SkydivingSafety/tabid/526/Default.aspx The percentage under a good canopy would be expected to increase as gear gets more reliable and back-up devices such as AADs become more prevalent.
  13. DaVinciflies

    Post A more Intense video than

    In what way is some fat dude crashing intense?? Try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQOeWcBABjw
  14. DaVinciflies

    flying circuit in 1/2 brakes

    Some canopy coaches teach that flying in "some" brakes is the right thing to do. It slows everything down and makes it easier to hit check points. It also allows adjustment for being too high or too low without the need for dangerous s-turns or sashays: Too high? Go to full flight to sink out more. Too low? Add a little more brakes to float to your next checkpoint. Having said that, this is an issue upon which not everyone agrees (no shit, right? ).
  15. DaVinciflies

    Optima Visual altimeters with LED or LCD?

    I have the LED. I am happy with it.