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  1. Titanman2789

    Am I being selfish

    Well, the risk aspect has already been touched on. Insurance, etc. Then there's money, but if you can control yourself and are already living within your means it's not that big of a deal. My opinion, and my situation - time is the biggest factor. For me, the DZ is 1.5 hours away. That may not seem like much but that turns into 3 hours of only DRIVING for that day. Then, it's usually an hour wait just to get on a load at my dz. So there's 4 hours of my day gone right there for just one jump. And I don't want to do 1 jump if I go out there, I want to do 10. But it all depends on you and your family situation. I want to get out there and swoop my comp velo. But I have no business flying that canopy if I can only get in a couple jumps a month, which isn't worth it to me. If your family's cool with you spending each weekend or a day a week at the dz then go for it. But there are much more important things in life than skydiving. Now that I have a young family I don't know how some people spent every weekend with kids
  2. Titanman2789

    New to swoop

    I think the N3 (not the N3A) is a good digital altimeter in general. The canopy alarms can be heard when it is on your wrist too. As for the vengeance, I think it has a lot of dive. Do a search for vengeance here in the forums. There is one post quoting John LeBlanc talking about why PD discontinued the vengeance. He says its dive is pretty close to the velocity. I've jumped a vengeance 120, 107 and katana 107. Both canopies have light front riser pressure but the Katana's is a little lighter. Both of them dive very similar. I felt like the Katana was trimmed steeper in full flight than the Vengeance
  3. Titanman2789

    Mounting a GoPro on a Bonehead Mindwarp

    There are mounts that are curved for helmets that don't have a flat surface
  4. Titanman2789

    Aerodyne Icon - holes in pilot chute

    seen that on other icons with the freefly handle as well.