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  1. Titanman2789

    Comp Velo v Valkyrie

    This, except I thought the VK only opened slightly better compared to the VC I went from VC79 to a VK71. The 71 was loaded at 2.8 (3.0 if I had to wear weight with the big boy tandems) so that may have something to do with my experience with the openings. 71 VK definitely had more shut down power than the VC79.
  2. Titanman2789

    Chest Strap Quick-Release Routing

    I routed my chest strap this way but I primarily did hop n pops and tandem videos. So practically 0 chance of anyone grabbing it. I would say don't take it in freefall with groups. Ultimately it is up to the DZ and your own personal risk. Hop n pops are for swooping. I think I would route it normal if going all the way up to freefly and what not. Just pull a bit higher in case you have to deal with that excess fold getting hung up on the chest strap hardware.
  3. Titanman2789

    Am I being selfish

    Well, the risk aspect has already been touched on. Insurance, etc. Then there's money, but if you can control yourself and are already living within your means it's not that big of a deal. My opinion, and my situation - time is the biggest factor. For me, the DZ is 1.5 hours away. That may not seem like much but that turns into 3 hours of only DRIVING for that day. Then, it's usually an hour wait just to get on a load at my dz. So there's 4 hours of my day gone right there for just one jump. And I don't want to do 1 jump if I go out there, I want to do 10. But it all depends on you and your family situation. I want to get out there and swoop my comp velo. But I have no business flying that canopy if I can only get in a couple jumps a month, which isn't worth it to me. If your family's cool with you spending each weekend or a day a week at the dz then go for it. But there are much more important things in life than skydiving. Now that I have a young family I don't know how some people spent every weekend with kids
  4. Titanman2789

    Skydiving with a cold

  5. Titanman2789

    AAD fire in a descending aircraft

    I have witnessed it.
  6. Titanman2789

    VK slider

    For what it's worth, terminal openings with full RDS have been better for me than with just the removable slider. VK 71 loaded at 2.8
  7. Titanman2789

    AAD use - let's hear it!

    Have an AAD in one rig, not in the other. I've jumped with it turned on, I've jumped with it turned off. I've seen them save people, I've seen them misfire, I've seen them fire during a swoop. I use it more for my family than for me. I don't believe they should be mandatory. We are all big boys and girls and can make our own decisions. Some people have canopies so fast they would rather not risk a speed cypres even. There are certain jumps I would not jump without it on such as tracking dives. For a hop n pop I'm not worried about which rig I have on whether I have an AAD or not. Now that I have a speed cypres I always have it on for a jump If they were mandatory, I would suggest a way out of needing it such as having S&TA approval at your dz so that every case is heard individually.
  8. Titanman2789

    Velo popper mod

    You really don't need those
  9. Trash pack it. I was having opening issues with the removable slider. Now I just clear brake lines and clip the snaps together. Been working beautifully lately.
  10. You say you don't get involved in politics now, but just wait. Work in skydiving long enough and politics will affect you in some way. At 400 jumps you can't ever imagine being sick of it. Wait until you have 1000, 2000, or 3000 work jumps. It's not the same once you start working in it
  11. I don't think it's the best idea. At some point you will grow sick of skydiving if you do it as your main job. It may take some time, but you'll eventually run into DZ politics, a crap month where you don't make any money...and winter if that happens where you live. Best way to do it would be to work weekends and keep your regular job. Yes, the skydive itself will always be fun, but if you make skydiving your job you'll eventually find yourself dreading being at the dz except for those 3-4 minutes you spend in the sky making money one jump at a time.
  12. Titanman2789

    Check your pins before every jump!

    I check my main pin myself if I feel I've been bumped in the airplane. Just reach back and feel under my main flap. Reserve I check as I'm putting gear on, and then I don't let anybody touch my reserve flap. Even coaching students that are supposed to learn to perform gear checks, I will only have them look at my main.
  13. Titanman2789

    Vigil 2+ introduced

    When I spoke with Vigil America about ordering the Xtreme unit today, they said it's not for sale. It's only available to their sponsored athletes. They may offer for it sale in the future...but not right now. Mike This is what they are telling my dealer too. Doesn't sound like good business. So anyone that wants or needs a higher activation speed must go with the speed cypres unless they're Vigil sponsored?
  14. Titanman2789

    Vigil 2+ introduced

    I emailed Vigil to ask about this. The website lists the Xtreme mode. This is the response I got "The vigil 2+ will be available with the Xtreme mode. This means not a multimode unit but only with the Xtreme mode and the only differences are: activation speed with 43m/s instead of the 35m/s in Pro mode and does not activate anymore below the 300ft instead of 150ft. We stay at your disposal. Best regards, Edwin Bollaerts Project Manager edwin@vigil.aero"
  15. Titanman2789

    Mirage G4 MX ideal canopies

    Velo 96 - which packs bigger than a katana 107 - fits very nice in an MX.