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  1. Biggest differences between Comp Velocity and Valkyrie? Loaded at 2.1.
  2. Avoid the PD190. It's an F-111 canopy, and it's not what you want. Some people will tell you that it will be 'fine', but there's a reason that 99.9% of all sport canopies made today are Z-po, and the reason is that it's much better than F-111. ***06' Mirage g4 with a 97' Sabre 1 170 and a 2011 pd reserve A 170, just off student status? Unless you weight something less than 150 lbs, and have already put a good number of successful jumps on a 190, this is not the size canopy for you. Furthermore, you never mentioned any of the reserve sizes, and that also needs to be considered. My suggestion - ditch the idea of finding a complete rig. Consult with you instructors, and come up with a good size main for your first rig, then pick the closest size reserve (rounding up), and start hunting for gear that way. The reserve with the Mirage is a pd-160. I weigh 153-160, I've talked to my insrructors who say that I'd be fine with a 170.
  3. I'm not sure why you would think that I think all Vector containers are Vectir III's? I was interested enough in the rig to have a rigger look at the Vector III. I am new, to this, yes, but don't appreciate your assumption.
  4. Getting a rigger to put their seal on it will get more difficult. At least that's what 2 riggers have told me. Its ok for now but not too much longer because of its age. 95 model
  5. Ok I'm looking to buy my first rig. I'm just shy of my A license but I am tired of renting. I've found two I'm looking at: a 96' vector III with a 95' pd 190 and a 96' Tempo reserve. The container will need to be sent off to have a service bulletin done and a boc added. So there's a couple hundred. The 2nd is an 06' Mirage g4 with a 97' Sabre 1 170 and a 2011 pd reserve. There's a slim chance that it will need ato be resized. Both have room to downsize some. The vector is 10 years older and the reserve will need to be replaced soon but the container allegedly only has 150 jumps on it. The G4 is in good shape but 3x the money. What's yalls opinions?
  6. It's not. I'm 99% certain it's someone trying to scam anyway. As far as canopy sizes, my dz instructors say that I should be fine with a 170. A 230 is the smallest thing I've jumped mainly, because that's the smallest thing they have to rent. It's pretty easy to pilot. Granted, all I'm doing is landing it. I'm realize the smaller the canopy, the quicker it's going to get me to the ground and there's less room for mistakes. I personally am not to worried about a 170 but then again I've never flown one. It's not like there's a canopy simulator. That I know of anyway. That would be pretty awesome tho. Hmmm?
  7. Per vector's web site, it'll fit a (full fitting) pulse 170. Yes I'm new, that's why I'm asking. As far as a reserve, I honestly don't know. I reckon the largest one I can fit in there. The whole deal is likely too good to be true though. So, it may not matter anyway
  8. I'm just shy of my A license but I'm looking for a rig. I'm 5'10" 160lbs. I found a 2011 vector micron v310 that'll accept up to a 170 pulse canopy. Thus far, I'm not having any issues with flying the 230 canopy I've been renting. I know that a 170 is quiet a bit smaller but that was the size suggested to me by my dz. granted they were referring to the saber 2 170 not the pulse. Is a Micron ok to have for a first rig? I'm also a bit nervousness about the seller of it (it's in the classifides). The price seems good but they've not given me a phone number. I'd really like to speak to someone before I PayPal them over a grand. I could use some wisdom.