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  1. Glad to hear not the only one who is going (went) through this With not knowing any skydivers to talk to, you start thinking “it’s just me they must all be crazy nutters with no fear “
  2. How did you get on ? I am starting aff next week & also done a few tandems & about 3 hour in tunnel but have never felt this level of anxiety & fear over anything like I am at the moment
  3. Chasitie I also have just booked my aff for June and done my 3rd tandem yesterday, but can’t seem to get rid of the anxiety in plane especially on jump run, thought my heart was going to climb out my chest yesterday but once in the air absolutely fine Would be really helpful if you could post your progress on here
  4. Thank you Mark I have already booked my AFF for the 1st weekend in June
  5. I am hoping to do my aff this summer ( only done a couple tandems) and I am so happy to hear it’s not just me who’s feeling the apprehension & nerves about it, I have nearly talked myself out of doing it with all the what if this and what if that
  6. You owe your children responsible parenting. You are not required to organize your entire life around meeting their wants and amusing them. Many recreational skydivers are parents. Lighten up a little. Well I thought the odds of all skydivers having no children or families would be a little crap And I understand that bettering yourself within the sport requires dedication and time but it all depends on what you want out of it
  7. So young & single or old and divorced to take up skydiving ? And as for college fees yes my kids will be paying for them as they need to learn to have responsibilities in life and not keep running to daddy to pay for everything
  8. No worries there youngest is 12 now plus me & him go snowboarding/skateboarding & fishing all the time so I do my fair share of childminding As I said it’s more of it being such a high risk sport and feeling guilty for participating in it but hey I can’t keep paying for tandems forever so will have to give it a go
  9. It’s good to hear as I think what skydiving has to offer could be amazing once you get over the nerves/fear, if you have any links to your aff post them on here pal would love to see them
  10. Must be brave men/woman who weren’t scared to some degree on there first jumps Or stupid
  11. I am not an AFFI, but I have been a motorcycle instructor for years. When I have a student express fear, I ask them if they are nervous or afraid. Nervous I can work with. Fear, I cannot. Hard to say, loved every minute of the tandems had a grin for 2 weeks after them but from now it will be on me So probably little of everything nerves/fear & self confidence
  12. All helps HPC,we have discussed it and she’s fine with it
  13. Found the tunnel really hard at first I think rigamortis set in and my muscles are screaming today, got to try and relax a little more I think
  14. I say no, you are not being selfish, and I also think it's wrong to avoid risks because you have a family. My wife (also a jumper) and I raised two kids who spent nearly every weekend of their young years on the drop zone and it was good for them. They matured quicker than their peers, learned things and met people they would never have had the chance to otherwise, and learned that taking calculated risks is something that should be embraced to conquer life. They are both now in their 30's and are very accomplished. I believe being raised in the sport played a big part in that. Skydivers don't take risks, they manage them. Think I will bring my youngest with us when we go the dz next I think he would love just watching