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  1. Ahhh, That makes sense. Thanks everyone for your advice. Hopefully soon ill be getting my license. :)
  2. Hi! So I've done 8 tandems and did my first solo jump a few months ago. My solo went great, the fear kinda slapped me in the face but while under canopy, I felt amazing. It was so peaceful and my landing wasn't terrible haha. BUT Im here in Texas and I can't seem to be off of work on the right days or the winds are too high for me to be able to jump. Spaceland dallas is where I've been jumping, they seem very corporate compared to some of the other DZs. They kinda rush people through and I'm not sure im just still trying to get over the fear or if I just don't feel safe? Did you just get your license done all at once or did you space it out? Can you tell me if you had the same kind of experience? I REALLY want to get my license but obviously not bad enough? HELP.
  3. This helps a lot. Thanks everyone. I will definitely be talking with my instructor more and know exactly what to do before jumping again!
  4. Hey everyone! Just did my Aff level 1 yesterday - it was so awesome. I do have a couple of questions.. I need a better way to understand downwind, upwind .. any advice?! My instructor also said that I could’ve landed on my feet but I kinda just crumbled to the ground lol. Any advice on how to start landing on my feet?? And then one more thing.. how to know when I should start heading to my holding area? I know that first question should be simple but I just can’t get it. I’ll be talking to my instructor next time but please feel free to give any advice. Thanks!
  5. I’ve posted a few times about how to get over the fear of doing aff and all that Jazz. Well the time has come and I will be starting training on Sunday! What are some things that I should be expecting?? Please feel free to share your experiences of your AFF courses! Super nervous about that door flying open, but I’ve done five tandems.. how rough can it be
  6. So i’ve done about five or so tandeems. I’ve gotten really comfortable doing those. I would really like to do my AFF but the only thing really holding me back is fear. What are some ways to get over that? Just doing it or? What did you do to just go for it? Also, curious about why you got into skydiving? I’d love to hear some of your stories (summed up)
  7. I was going to try to get as much advice as i can. I will be probably going to Spaceland Dallas to get my license. What are some things i should focus more on? I'm female and i've heard that women have a hard time landing.. is this true? I would like any advice you would give to a newbie. Please feel free to share your stories! Thanks so much! Newbs