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  1. Good luck to you too I have another question for the experts in this forum. I m doing my AFF at skydive kapawsin. And they said that I come at 9:30 in the morning, and do my first jump by afternoon. Is that normal? I would have thought more time would be spent on ground School and practicing EP. Also, I know Lodi has a bad reputation of not enforcing regulations. Is kapawsin good place to go AFF? I don't have much choice, coz that's the closest anyways.
  2. I have been wanting to do AFF for 6 years. I have done 2 tandems and 8 mins in wind tunnel. Will do one more tandem this week. I don't have much friends around me who are skydivers. All the info that I have is from the internet. Over the years, I have done extensive study of gear and procedures etc. But at the same time, internet has a lot of malfunctions, which scare me. Especially the high speed ones. Even if you do things right, it's possible that you don't make it. Any suggestions how I overcome the fear? Any suggestion on how I minimize the risk? How I prepare myself mentally? [On top of that, I read there was a fatality of an AFF student last month on 3rd jump. That's scary :( ]