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  1. About a minute, it's 100m from door to door :-)
  2. freekflyguy

    Infinity mesh backpad. Durable?

    I have had my Infinity nearly two years and the back pad looks as good as the day I received it. I pretty much only ever pack indoors and on a carpet, but I don't use a packing mat and I drag the container to the bag when I am stowing the lines. We have another 7 on the DZ and they all look good as well.
  3. freekflyguy

    New Infinity Containers in Stock?

    Not sure if they have any stock rigs but 6 week rush is only an extra $250, why not email them at tell them Alex sent you.
  4. freekflyguy

    Mac Users

    FCP here on a MBP with 2gb Ram. Editing HDV, using IDVD to produce DVD's
  5. freekflyguy

    Cyprus Boogie - help filling planes!

    I was at the Cyprus Bogie 2 years ago when they had the Let over. We had a great time, pity it doesnt seem to be going to well, Kingsfield is an excellent DZ with some stunning views from the top. Next time you go up tell Tony Goodman I said hi and tell him to give me a cal on the firms phone. Buzz xxxx
  6. freekflyguy

    Sony V1U

    Why is it not a tandem camera ? It looks about the same size as my HC1, just a little higher, but not as high as a VX2000. Buzz xxxx
  7. freekflyguy

    Sigma 10–20mm EX DC HSM Lens

    Just brought on myself, to go on my 350D (Rebel XT), to replace the kit 18 - 35mm lens. Here are some shots along with a comparrison shot. Exit 10mm and Exit 18 mm show the diference in field of view between the two lenses, both shots were taken from a ssimmilar position on the rail of an Islander. As you can see from these the 10 - 22mm lense is much sharper and much brighter, I am really pleased with this lense. Buzz
  8. freekflyguy

    Bedford Bodyflight - thank you!

    Ah yes Jed The awesome tunnel flyer who cant drink ;-) Love you buddy, see you at Nethers again soon. Buzz
  9. freekflyguy

    Perris in march

    There will be a group of about 50 of us coming over from the UK, so it should be a top time to be at Perris. If you come down, say hi, im the big guy with a blue and red camera suit. Mine is a patron :-) Buzz
  10. freekflyguy

    Vampire of the night

    Nice one Liz We have night jumps here next month guess Ill have to have a bash myself. Buzz
  11. freekflyguy

    dz location near frankfurt

    We are about 2 1/2 hours away at BAd Lipspringe. We are a 7 day a week operation, with 2 turbine Islanders and all the instructors are British, so no language probs. The web site is in German but easy enough to navigate. Buzz
  12. freekflyguy

    Where can I find a roll cage for HC40?

    Check out the threads on DBoxes for the HC30/40. I bought one from Bonehead 2 weeks ago whilst I was in Elsinore and have just fitted it, it rocks. Once fitted and foamed you can drop the camera in and take it out real easy. I will post some pics tommorow night. Buzz
  13. freekflyguy

    Any UK Swooping Events This Year?

    The 41st RAPA Championships in July, the only BPA DZ with an IPC regulation ditch. Buzz
  14. freekflyguy

    A different Suunto question

    I use mine in normal Alti mode. I wear an Alti2 which I use during free fall, then use my Suunto under canopy to set up for landing. I prefer this way, but once I get a Neptune I will stop using both. Buzz