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  1. skyfreek

    Are Earplugs Dangerous to Use in Freefall?

    i have been using custom earplugs for about 10 years. they are molded to my ears. they are designed for airplane use, as there is a small vent to help ease the pressure pop. i still have to do the plug my nose and blow trick. I used to get headaches from multiple jumps and now i don`t. the dz i jump at is at 3000 ft asl, and we jump at 14k agl. the custom plugs are not cheap but your ears are worth it
  2. skyfreek

    Emery cloth from UPT???

    I have seen similar stuff in the plumbing section of a hardware store. looks like a roll of blue tape.
  3. skyfreek

    Skylark Jumpsuits

    my dz has a ton of those products. the swoop shorts are bullet proof. the wtf suits are nice for the freeflyers. i have a 2 piece freefly set up, but i find the lower legs a bit bulky. a couple guys have a belly suit. they are all well built. after almost a season of jumping, there hasnt been any repairs needed on anyones suit. all the guys i know that bought one are pretty happy. and they all fit when they came in too...
  4. skyfreek

    Icarus VX84 in Javelin Odyssey RSK.5

    i have a vx 84 in a rsk.5. shes tight, and the loop is longer than it probably should be, but it works.tight pin pressure, and a while ago i had an old pilot chute, and i had some hesitation with it. new pc, no probs. i also have a vx 79 with a logo on it, and its about the same tightness
  5. skyfreek

    GoPro Duel Handcam Gloves

    the gloves with the step set up works well. an issue i have noticed is the top camera lens can sometimes have a bit of the bottom camera in the just takes a tiny bit of padding under the top camera. just to be sure, still pics on top, cause you can crop it out.replace the velcro strap every couple hundred jumps... the lenses are replaced very easy too, in case you bump it and scratch it.
  6. skyfreek

    Diabetic (Tandem Jump)

    one of my friends is diabetic.he jumps on a regular basis. he controls his levels with the finger prick tool. when he is at the dz, he is careful, because he feels the adrenaline can alter his levels. jumping is fine, just get yourself under control first...
  7. skyfreek

    Machine Drive Belt ~ 20u33 ~ any advice

    maybe try fanbelt spray. the stuff that makes them stop squeaking. might make it more grippy??? maybe?
  8. skyfreek

    Jumping in Canada

    there are 2 different dz`s there. 1 in abbottsford, and 1 in pitt meadows. abby has a porter, pitt has only cessnas. you`re looking at $35- $40 canadian per jump.skydive vancouver: 5112 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford BC Canada and pacific skydivers: 730 11731 Baynes Rd Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2B3 (604) 465-7311
  9. skyfreek

    Freak N'Suits FreeFly Suit

    i have been jumping freakn stuff for 5 years. i have a suit,pants,camera jacket and 2 pairs of swoop shorts. 1 pair of shorts has almost 1000 jumps on them, and they are just faded, no bad wear points or rips. the cost seems to be way less than competition, and the delivery times were very quick. i have always been happy with the customer service from freaknsuits. i`d recommend the stuff to anyone!!
  10. skyfreek

    Best place to jump in So Cal ?

    skydive san diego. a couple of otters, and a caravan. nice people, good staff, and a pretty large fun jumper base. you can see mexico, the ocean, and some mountains, all at the same time in freefall. this time of year the landing field is nice and green, and shorts and t shirt on a good day..
  11. skyfreek

    Skyworks Rigging

    i`ve been trying to get ahold of him as well. same thing, email, calls. no reply...
  12. skyfreek

    Javelin Odyssey Sizing Questions - RSK0.5

    i have the same size container, and i have an fx 94 in it. it is TIGHT. it is an old beat main as well...guess it depends on how good a packer you are..