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  1. center cell rips on bottom skin, not sure if they start at nose or tail. red fabric, on a seam. sliders-2 were burns to tear, one exploded. packers packed extra neat after the first couple meals, and I watched them pack but absolutely nothing wrong with their pack jobs.
  2. hey guys, I work at a dz that has a bunch of zp manta 290 for their student gear. this summer there were a few mals, some with 4-10 foot long rips in the bottom skin. 3 had destroyed sliders, and one had a broken line, rip from nose to tail and 4 other spots of damage. Staff packers are neat and consistent. the only common thing is that 3 of the mals were from students on the bigger size of human being. all the mains are built at the same time, 15 serial numbers almost in a row. 2013, with 100-250 jump on them. I have not contacted the manufacturer as the mains are almost 10 years old some questions I have are: anyone else have the same issue? is there a packing fix recommended? size of pilot chute recommended? I am very open and interested in some input.
  3. i have been using custom earplugs for about 10 years. they are molded to my ears. they are designed for airplane use, as there is a small vent to help ease the pressure pop. i still have to do the plug my nose and blow trick. I used to get headaches from multiple jumps and now i don`t. the dz i jump at is at 3000 ft asl, and we jump at 14k agl. the custom plugs are not cheap but your ears are worth it
  4. I have seen similar stuff in the plumbing section of a hardware store. looks like a roll of blue tape.
  5. 4500 tandems on sigma and strong combined 8 cutaways 2 packed by me. one of the cutaways , I was on the front almost 3000 on my own rig with 4 cutaways, all packed by me
  6. i have 2 diff customers that have vigil 1 4983-dom 1/06 5047-dom 1/06
  7. Our chieftain, and the leased Navajo both have straddle benches. Makes seatbelts easier, and keeps peeps away from the door line.
  8. Dz is looking to get a new manifest program. Must be able to do online bookings for tandems, sell gift certificates, keep track of employees, fun jumpers to be able to manifest and pay from their cellphone. Able to link electronic waivers to it as well. Apple computer systems already in office. Any suggestions?
  9. We have been using navs at my home dz for 3 years. One had a 'panther mod', which is the 350 HP engines, 4 blade Qtip props, and wing tips. Pretty quick, depending on the pilot. The other one is a chieftain. Basically newer model, same 350's, but longer fuselage. Pilots liked the chief better. The planes are decent for tandems, wingsuiters hate them, and tough for tall guys. Piston engines, so shut downs are fine. 2-4 loads before fuelling, depending on pilot. Comfy if there are benches, great windows for passenger lookouts. Poor mans king air...
  10. i was called the other day by a guy who is 285 lbs. he wants to learn how to skydive. he would even buy his own gear to make it happen. my first thought is to tell him no, but i wanted to hear from the peanut gallery... suggestions?
  11. this guy learned at the dz i work at. this balloon jump was his 20th jump. total. he doesn`t even know how to pack his own main yet.the last time i saw him jump was 2 days before the balloon stunt, and he missed the landing field... i think he is lucky to be alive. good thing cops in Canada are nice...
  12. take the slink hats off, and pull your slider groms down to the bottom of the risers. get a mag stow slider retainer to keep the slider behind your head. it takes a few jumps to get used to this, but it will stop a lot of the flapping, and wear on the lines.
  13. i had some 1000 , but the black wore off really fast and looked like shit. i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, plus i cannot remember where it came from... ahaha
  14. i have had similar service from alti-2. they are great!!! i`ve been a neptune fan since they came out
  15. get your ratings, and try part time first.there are a ton of dzs out there, so find one that feeds your needs.don`t be afraid to move to a different dz. worst that can happen is that you don`t like it, and can always find a job back in your real world work. it is not all about $$ , it is about being happy with your job, and the people you work with and for. i cutaway from my construction job 8 years ago. i like my skydiving job. give it a try dude!