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  1. Definitely better on my phone than PC!! I'll get used to it.
  2. I have an X and 2 XVs and I love them. Works fine in the tunnel. Sometimes the coaches make me put a little tape over the visor release on each side. IMHO I'll take a phantom over a G3 any day. Oh ya.... Other people can't see your mouth in the phantom. I personally have never had to mouth words or do any lip reading, but I've heard others say that this is an important option for them. Whale oil beef hooked
  3. Ok. I can see that. I can also understand the DZ rules. They're lookin out for everybodies safety. So with conventional routing.. Does it really take that long to undo? I always loosen mine all the way out and it's pretty quick and easy. Whale oil beef hooked
  4. I'm curious how you route it. Whale oil beef hooked
  5. Probably doesn't happen very often but it could make sense with the right swap. I'm curious because I am down to the smallest (170sqft) that will fit in my container. I started with a hybrid 230sqft. What's the details of your rig? Whale oil beef hooked
  6. N420whiskeywhiskeyQuote Whale oil beef hooked
  7. This post has some info for you...;page=unread#unread Whale oil beef hooked
  8. Hell ya brutha!!! Congrats!! Whale oil beef hooked
  9. I had trouble finding hacky on student rig all through AFF and student jumps. Scared the shit outta me every time. Even got my 1st reserve ride on jump 20 cause I couldn't even find it. Once I got a sport rig that fit right and comfortable.. No problems. Listen to your instructor, Learn to relax. Everyone has some sort of issue through aff. Whale oil beef hooked
  10. I love it!! My kids always want to go.. Whale oil beef hooked
  11. Yes!!! solarfest boogie I would call in sick for that!! Whale oil beef hooked
  12. Hey Jerry. I wonder if I ever saw you. As a kid 1990ish I worked on a few farms right at the end of the runway there. I watched fixedwing and heli jumpers on multiple occasions. Made it hard to get work done while I was daydreaming!!! Whale oil beef hooked
  13. Bob D might even have an extra jumpship around for the busy days.... Whale oil beef hooked
  14. Sisters is beautiful but I feel Madras is more safe in regards to a safe take off with less trees and better outs for the occasional poor spot. Plus it's closer to me so it makes me happy Whale oil beef hooked
  15. I'm on jump 115 and still no camera. However, I have tons of pics and videos from other experienced jumpers that they kindly gave me for free. There are probably some friendly jumpers at your DZ that would do the same for a thanks or a beer. If it's all about the pic... let someone else take it!!!! Whale oil beef hooked