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  1. Well finally the dream of flying a wingsuit came true Life, get amoungst it!
  2. First jump with go pro now ive gained my c licence, the same carabiner setup as tommy and kevins Life, get amoungst it!
  3. Hahahahaha afterwards? it was gone as soon as it left the shelf lol Life, get amoungst it!
  4. Stowless d-bag troubles now over thanks to milo :D Life, get amoungst it!
  5. yeh no worries i b out maitland on sunday maybe sat too Life, get amoungst it!
  6. Hey mate yeh as far as I know there isnt a dz in newcastle I could b wrong coz newcastle parachute club runs out of elderslie airport near branxton ey Life, get amoungst it!
  7. Life, get amoungst it!
  8. Well after another trip down to moruya to complete a further 2 jumps within 25m to obtain my A-Licence,ive started on the b-rels now and have completed 4 of the 6 levels to start with n a few fun jumps too ,oh boy words can't describe the feeling after i got past the fear barrier where i wasnt too keen to keep goin back up and everytime there was a slot to go up i was there keen as, so pushin just that little bit was all well worth it!........Blue skies :) Life, get amoungst it!
  9. hey dude yeh computer doc n ive emailed kevin burkart a few times too Life, get amoungst it!
  10. yeh dude its possible look up tommy fergusson or kevin burkart on youtube u'll see :) Life, get amoungst it!
  11. Done n dusted ,successfully completed my aff just a little tumble on the runway on the last jump but all sweeeeeet, now just to get my own rig n move on to my b licence, stay tuned :D Life, get amoungst it!
  12. Well finally have completed the second stage of my aff after the first attempt bk in oct was canned due to weather so now all goin well bar a few body positioning issues (e.g hips forward n legs not so spaced apart) oh n first jump ive released both toggles once I had a good canopy which meant that it was just to hard to hook the carabiner through the other steering toggle as it was flappin all over the place,but steering and flaring was still possible juat not the most comfortable option so I didnt make the same mistake on the second jump lol,second jump was sweet just alittle more refining needed still on body positioning but still ok upon deployment I encountered about 6 line twists which I kicked out of with no problem n then everything else after that was spot on I landed on my feet n that was that. So a big thank you to the crew at skydive moruya for having the courage to take me on n realise my dream up at 7am timmoz so now im tryin to fit a few beers in to celebrate BOOYA! Life, get amoungst it!
  13. Thanx guys yeh got all the ground trainin n theory done though which i keep practicin daily,but yeh dom i feel the same ey wasnt meant to be on the day so yeh will keep u guys posted........Blue skies Life, get amoungst it!