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  1. Hi there Now I know there are a few threads on this, but I didn't get an actual answer from them, so going to try ask this here and hopefully this can help. Which pelican case would you recommend to travel with? I have heard of the 1650, and 1510? Advice?
  2. I have postponed my trip until I have my USPA D-license!
  3. Thank you for your feedback.... what does this mean? you mean leaving the UK and flying in Europe :) ?
  4. Very thorough response, thank you. It looks like I need to travel around trying different drop zones hoping for decent jumping weather. Thank you again.
  5. Hello all... So apologies in advance for all these questions, and if these have been asked a thousand times before My wife and I will be moving back to the UK this year, we currently live in New York. I have recently graduated my AFF and working towards getting my USPA A-License... I should have this by the time I move back. So here are a few questions that I really wouldn't mind some advice on: What will I need to do (apart from joining BPA) to be able to skydive regularly in the UK? Will my USPA A License be valid? Will I need to convert? What is the Skydiving scene like over in the UK? I never skydived when I lived there, but remember a lot of clouds I will be living in London (South), and judging by the map (http://www.bpa.org.uk/where-can-i-jump/), Headcorn seems to be my closest DZ, any advice on this DZ? I may have more Q's, but for now this is it. Thank you in advance for your help. Brendan
  6. Hi Everybody! So I graduated my AFF this past Saturday at Sky's the Limit (great bunch of people there, great DZ), yay! Not done a real solo yet, suppose it's going to be interesting not having my instructors by my side... fun times! Got myself a Cookie G3 because, as someone who wears prescription glasses, this makes more sense than an open face, and those over your glasses goggles, I suppose. Also, a really nice guy gifted me an Alti-2 Galaxy, thank you sir, you know who you are! Anyway, wanted to say thank you to all the great instructors and people at skysthelimit.net, if you haven't been to this DZ, I suggest dropping by. Looking forward to progressing towards my A-License, so any and all advice is welcome. Thaaanks!