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  1. I believe there are multiple answers to your question. If you are a newcomer to the tunnel then I would not recommend flying 30 minutes straight. You will likely get tired and not get the most bang for your buck. As others have recommended, it is best to see if you can find someone to split it with so you can break up the sessions in blocks. I have flown all different types of blocks from 1 minute 30 to 3 minutes and my preference is the 10 blocks of 1:30. In my experience, this duration was optimal for giving 100% while in the wind and enough recovery in between to repeat at 100% again. With that said, as you progress it is definitely possible to fly much longer straight. Different disciplines will make it harder. For example, flying belly for 30 minutes straight will be a breeze relative to flying head up when you get there. I have flown belly, head up, and head down for 30 minutes straight and my advice is to not do this unless your #1 priority is to build up a feel on the wind. I think at your level you will be better suited with good coaching and breaks between blocks.
  2. Send me a message. I can recommend.
  3. Understood. The Pilot 188 ZPX is supposed to fit like the Pilot 168. The Pilot 168 is listed as Optimal under the Mirage website. I spoke with Mirage earlier today and they have not tested ANY ZPX canopies out which is why they are not listed on their website - they currently have no comment regarding them. However, I also called Aerodyne and they told me the Pilot 188 ZPX should be the same fit as a Pilot 168 or even a little smaller. Given that, I'm going to call Mirage and see what they think regarding the "soft" fitting reserve with the "optimal" fitting main. I'll also look into the option of canopy coaching since I'll have 6 weeks until my rig arrives anyway, and decide between the two. Thanks again for your advice.
  4. Thank you for the great reply - truly appreciated. So, if I switch to the PD Optimum 160 instead of the PD Reserve 160 you think the Pilot 188 ZPX will be a good fit? I think that makes sense. I spoke with Mirage earlier today, and they were telling me something similar but did not offer that recommendation.
  5. My first paragraph reads: "I was told at first that this would not be a problem, so I went ahead with the purchase." I spoke with 2 different Mirage dealers who confirmed this setup. I did not think a call to the factory was necessary. Nonetheless, my question is not what I should have done, but if there is anyone who is jumping this setup. I have seen older threads on dropzone.com that say this is not a problem, but I am looking for some firsthand experience. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I am in the process of purchasing a Mirage G4 M4 and my plan was to stick an Aerodyne Pilot 188 ZPX canopy inside as the main and a PD Reserve 160 for the reserve. I was told at first that this would not be a problem, so I went ahead with the purchase. However, I was just told by Mirage that this would not fit. After my question regarding the sizing they came back and said it would fit, but like a "brick." To proceed, they require I sign a waiver. Given that Aerodyne says the Pilot 188 ZPX packs to the same volume as a Pilot 168 AND a Pilot 168 is regarded as an "Optimal" fit on the Mirage website for the M4 container, I don't see the disconnect nor do I understand the concern from Mirage. Is anyone currently jumping an Mirage G4 M4 with an Aerodyne Pilot 188 ZPX and a similar sized reserve chute? If so, how is the fit, packing, etc? Thanks for your input!! Frank