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  1. Got grounded for it in 81/82. Hello Jonny Goss!
  2. How fast is Tandem Terminal? I chased one with no drogue back in the beginning of Tandems and even in a no lift dive they were pulling away from me. So how fast were they actually going.
  3. I take your point. Same old same old still allowing people to kill themselves.
  4. 14 Months Jim. The death rate seems to have dropped but, like you, I haven't been checking the stats. I feel refreshed with my break so flame away.
  5. So, how many have died since I was last here?
  6. Died 35 years ago today after a main reserve entanglement at Taonui near Fielding New Zealand.
  8.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread And this may be interesting as well!
  9. Easy answer.....people who make them! So, please someone correct if I am wrong.We have tiny little LETHAL main canopies that are prone to malfunction. We have tiny little container systems to fit these tiny little main canopies. We have HIGHLY LOADED RESERVE CANOPIES because that is all that will fit into these tiny little container systems. These HIGHLY LOADED RESERVE CANOPIES will kill you if you are unconscious or not on top of your game. On top of that we have low drag reserve pilot chutes so that you can swoop your tiny little reserve canopy. It's a RESERVE CANOPY. It is only there to save YOUR LIFE. Does anyone else not see the dichotomy in this scenario?
  10. As I said when I discovered that highly loaded reserves were being used, who thought that LOW DRAG RESERVE PILOT CHUTES were a good idea? Fcuk, you guys are dying for fashion! It's the skydiving version of ANOREXIA but quicker FFS
  11. Unfortunately the point is being made...but he's not the one doing it. The point is being made on the Dropzone
  12. So what is your point? How many more people have to die under a perfectly good canopy for you to realise that you have a problem. Or is it that you think these deaths are merely collateral damage and, as such, are acceptable so you can enjoy your swooping? No death whilst skydiving is acceptable. They may be unavoidable but they are, by no means, acceptable!
  13. No I don't! You in the northern hemisphere are just getting into summer, the prime dying season. 14 people died in 2011 from high performance canopy landings or collisions. You guys look like doubling that this year. Is that something to be proud of?