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  1. rico1931


  2. Just came across this online and thought why in the world.. but I wanted to get other peoples feelings about ghetto rigging a students helmet to a radio like this picture. I'm just thinking how easily this could potentially snag when a student opens....
  3. I know this is old but I just hurt myself on a landing ... saw a chiro and that helped.. also taking Bayers back and body helps.. been a week now and feel a little better just sore but dealable... next time stand it up!
  4. My Home DZ.. this is where I learned and got my A... EVERYONE here is nice and WILL teach you EVERYTHING you need to know plus some. Instructors are in depth and will let you know everything even if you didn't ask, safety is huge here. Not crowded at all. Only con is that the regular plane is a little C-185 but after being in a C-182 and taking 20min to climb to 10K I'm grateful for the C-185 taking 10min to 13,5K. Another con would be the drive from Buffalo but the scenery is beautiful so no biggie. The best is at night when you can just camp out at the fire and talk about skydiving while enjoying a couple cold brews with some nice people. Can't get any better than that. oh and this is NOT a business, It's a CLUB! One of the few left in the country and one of the oldest!