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  1. dharma1976

    jules caputo

    Jules my heart is breaking in so many places... especially since I am in one of those photos. Fly free girl. Junky
  2. dharma1976

    New Risers

    not able to or not capable of? it does become harder, but shouldn't be impossible depending on the grommet size on your slider Dave
  3. dharma1976

    Looking for opinions/help

    go to arizona
  4. dharma1976

    New *unofficial* WR Distance!

    makes me want a stilletto
  5. dharma1976

    Rear Risers Techniques

    its kinda push out and pull down D
  6. dharma1976

    What was your turn progression?

    this is length of time on turns not jump numbers double fronts - 30 jumps 90s - 20 jumps -downsize 10 jumps broke leg- upsized- 50 jumps 180s - 500 jumps dialed in through 170 sabre2, 150 sabre2, 129 crossfire2, 119 Crossfire2 270s - started on crossfire 2 119/109 keeping it going on Velocity 103 - 96 about 400 jumps or so now still playing with them and having fun. slider down on neck started at 175 jumps rear risers started about when I had 600 jumps D
  7. dharma1976

    Optima siren on swoop

    get used to it...it also means that if you aint planing out on rears you need to get to toggles stat for me...
  8. dharma1976

    Something new from PD

    do you need a tissue?
  9. dharma1976

    Raeford NC Swoop Pond

    ooo la la that sounds like a good time...
  10. dharma1976

    Ranch Pond Swoop 2008, Sept 27-28

    I will be there spent the weekend making nice with the pond after my draining of it last October also will be there on Friday as well for the morning till about 1 doing some practice Dave
  11. dharma1976

    preferred riser length w/velocity

    I use 24s which are about as long as I can use to be able to grab my slider and pull er down... I notice that it takes longer for things to happen across the board...longer time into and out of turn/dive... the other thing I like about my riser length is when the riser pressure builds up I just fold my upper body down and out and keep arms locked so that I am not fighting with the riser pressure with my arms but with my torso Cheers Dave
  12. dharma1976

    modified SunPath risers

    those look ill I want em! :-)
  13. dharma1976

    removable slider?

    when you are trying to gain every little bit of advantage in competition, until then the headaches involved are too much... Dave
  14. I want someone to stand by the pond and scream fly fleonce fly!!!!!! hopefully yhey wont be getting stabbed whilest that is happeningest Dave
  15. dharma1976

    Eloy Xmas...

    ummmmmmm a load is a load regardless of the amounts of planes right? how would no turns over 90 make a difference? Dave