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  1. Hi, Can you please share any interesting tandem videos you have found or done yourselves.
  2. Hey Chris, I think the reason you are getting flamed is because you are missing the point. Staying on a larger canopy allows you to build survival skills and good habits that are needed to have a successful jumping career on smaller more HP canopies. Comparing swoops between normal canopies and HP ones is pointless. A Sabre or Safire load at X WL has terminal velocity, they can only go so fast. Learning how to tap into that speed *safely*, and having consistent accuracy is where you really start learning. Things happen relatively slower on "normal" canopies which allow you to figure out how to make them go faster By skipping steps you really increase the risk, and it's likely the canopies flying you, and you'r just hanging on! I've been trying to fly the shit of of my Sabre2 150 to the point my arms are hurting right now typing, and I still feel there's tonnes to learn. And to prove my point I flew a Katana 120 loaded about about 1.71 and did a 90 on my first jump. :P What did I learn? They're built to go fast! and if I owned one I'd really increase my chance of getting hurt. Flame away.
  3. I just started 270s this past weekend. Sabre 2 150 @ 1.37. No intention to down size until I can max this baby out, and improve accuracy. I consider my progression already aggressive. Downsizing quicker or changing to a more elliptical canopy would drastically increase the risk, and at what cost? That's the point the experienced guys are trying to make. You can't swoop broken, and how do you expect to compete ever if you never learned to max out that ol sabre 2.
  4. I'm definitely getting advice from experienced jumpers, but like you said a Sabre flies differently than a HP small wing.
  5. This is what I'm actually doing. I'm going to try and get more aggressive with it. I am finding the FR pressure builds very quickly on the Sabre2. I have landed a few times with really sore arms when I tried hanging on the FRs after initiating a higher turn than usual. Still I feel there's more work to be done to squeeze more performance out of the 90.
  6. Some landings I compiled in the last 50 skydives. Swoops are getting safer. Working on accuracy next.
  7. Are there any cons to wearing a camera suit while shooting video for tandems? I was wondering if people can maybe list the pros and cons with flying a camera suit from their experience. Thank you
  8. Hi Did you purchase the add on's (Hypeye and sight) through Tonfly? I have taken a look at there website, and it seems pricey.
  9. Hey Thanks for the offer and the info. I had a buddy of mine who is a brain surgeon do some sort of quick test on me, and he did mention I had some sort of Nystamus. I have a balance test at a Vestibular Lab in less than a week. Hopefully they can sort out whats wrong, and possibly give me some exercises that could fix this problem.
  10. Hey Jon, Prior to this problem, yes I was under a lot of stress after starting a new job, and breaking a 3.5 year relationship. To top it off, I did 3 years of Medevac flying in the North doing shift work. I had horrible sleeping habits, and I'm still trying to fix that problem. It's very seldom I can sleep a solid 7 or 8 hours with out haven been awake at some point. Anyways I think after moving back to the big city, the break up, the training, and then a summer of skydiving, my body just snapped. LOL This is the way it feels to me anyway. I'm well aware this problem breads anxiety and depression. So far so good on that front. Thanks for the reply's, it's nice to get some things of my chest.
  11. I have read about what you have mentioned in your post. I don't think it is what I am experiencing. My symptoms began at the same time I had an outer ear infection. I went through an acute phase where the symptoms were pretty wild, including things such as light sensitivity, blurred vision, and I was even slurring my speech at one point while I was flying. I am still out of balance, and I guess retraining my brain using damaged nerves in my ear, so any sort of exercise shouldn't hurt... I guess. If you could send the info that would be greatly appreciated. I know this seems like a "downer" post, but it really feels like I'm fighting this problem le solo. Everyone thinks because I look OK, that I'm probably just fine. That's one of the most frustrating things about this problem, is the lack of support. I urge anyone with bad summer allergies, someone who drinks excessively and has a poor sleeping habits to get those in check! (I wasn't an alcoholic, most my friends could out drink me, but it had an exponential effect!) I really regret not getting allergy shots this summer, as I think the problem stemmed from all the congestion I was experiencing. I was running my body hard, work+ social life+ play and with a poor immune system, a viral infection just spread to my inner ear. Simple as that. Your body's your temple be kind to it. I'm learning a rough lesson in my mid 20s.
  12. Thanks for the offer, but I live in Canada, I'm seeing a few specialists here. It is getting better, but its very dependent on what how my mood is. Are there certain things you do to help with recovery after an episode? Thanks again.
  13. Does skydiving affect you at all?? I've been off work for over a month now, and decided to take a break from skydiving until I am 100% again. I'm an airline pilot by day, and my medical certificate was pulled making this an extremely stressful situation.
  14. Anyone have any experience with this awful condition? I'm going on 7 weeks now, and although I'm not dizzy anymore, I'm still not feeling 100% my old self.