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  1. youll have to move to FL so PD can "notice" you
  2. I jump a Katana. I hope you don't think your competition cobalt is a competition canopy.. It's not 1999 anymore.
  3. You ever watched a competitive round of speed swooping? The top finishers are always on rears.
  4. I try to do this. I am using 700' as my IP altitude for my 270. How does this sound for a 1.7 WL Katana? (@ 750' MSL) I struggle to keep it in the dive the whole time, but I know it's possible so the times when it doesn't work must be down to bad technique. That's what I mean by poor consistency on my part. I think 700 is a little low. I think 820ft is closer to what it should be for 1.7 At 1.9 I start at 890.
  5. I wanna see what your swoops look like. Post a video.
  6. what exactly does no hook turns mean? no swooping?
  7. So are you measuring from the point of release of the front risers to the plane out? I was referring to the stiletto and heatwave. Not velo and katana. yes, measuring at the point i release front risers to plane out.
  8. Compared to what? Compared to a Velo/Katana - yes, it's shorter. Compared to a Pulse, Stiletto, Heatwave etc, etc - it's longer. Also, what exactly are you measuring at 150ft? Those are all flat trimmed canopies, (dont know why you through the pulse into that mix) they may not all have the same recovery arc, but they are all relative and can be classified as short. To measure the recovery arc, i used a chest mounted neptune, and used a go pro with an extended mount on my helmet facing down. (oh no! a snag hazard!) A frame by frame review will give you a good idea of the recovery arc. I attached a pic to show.
  9. Your wrong it DOES have a short recovery arc. on a 99 at 1.5-1.6 it was right at 150ft according to my neptune
  10. Nope, i originally thought that is what it had to be, but it happened enough times and i asked people watching me what they saw.
  11. Usually it happens when your slightly high on the bottom end of your swoop. Or atleast i think thats how i remember it. i did find one video of it happening, though i had a bunch i deleted. Only happened twice to me on this day. the jolt you see is me releasing the fronts.
  12. I guess "in the corner" is relative. I felt like i had to put it there for best results. And im pretty sure thats why GW told me to get a Katana. I had to bump up my turn 230ft when switching from crossfire2 99 to katana 97. Crossfires can be swooped and swooped well, but in the end i regret spending time on that canopy and wish i had started with a Katana.