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  1. SRI85

    Katana 120.... Next step?

    I wanna see what your swoops look like. Post a video.
  2. SRI85

    Cross wind landing on reserve

    If there are really strong winds, stay on the ground.
  3. SRI85

    Cheap swoop shorts

    Spandex is the cheapest way to go.
  4. SRI85

    old age is hell

    Check out Icarus Crossfire2, that should keep you pretty happy.
  5. SRI85

    Visiting new England

    CPI is open year round. It's a 2 hour dr to Ellington, Ct from Boston. The Otter is gone for the season, but we got 2 182s
  6. SRI85

    Skydive Palm Beach?

    Why did it stop in the first place?
  7. SRI85

    Concerns about container size

    what size container is it? i have a W8 that fit a 150 tight.
  8. SRI85

    Proximity flying

    speedflying is probably what you want to look into.
  9. SRI85

    Droid logbook app

    hows someone gonna sign it?
  10. SRI85

    New Closing System for Factory Divers

    now they just need to get the visor right. jumped with a guy on sunday whose flipped right OFF in freefall.
  11. its really just pockets for whatever you need them for. like a cell phone if your doing a night jump. i think swoopers like them for putting the removable slider in.
  12. SRI85

    Pilot 150 to Crossfire2 139

    Icarus recommends flying the crossfire at wingloads from 1.4 to 2.1. personally i would stay with the pilot until you get to that loading.
  13. SRI85

    Has anyone seen this video?

    looks to be a video of some boots.
  14. SRI85

    trailers at Z Hills

    You are correct on all your assumptions, some people live there, most are just camping. I think the trailer hook ups will run you about $300 a month.