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  1. Look at the tone of what you said. I've said it a million times, the trick with knowing when anyone is 'ready' for anything in skydiving, be it swooping, big-ways, etc, is that you don't know for sure until it's over. So let's correct your statements, and add that you thought you were ready for the JVX, and that you thought you made 'high quality' jumps (whatever those are). The events as they transpired seems to show otherwise. In terms of jumps, if you don't think that 5500 jumps is enough to be giving advice, or anyway below 'average', I'm not sure what planet you're from. So you have 1300 jumps in 3 1/2 years, which averages out to 371 per year. I have 5500+ in 18 years which averages out to 305 jumps per year. Do you know what the 'practical' difference is between those two? It's not the 66 jumps per year average, it's the 4200 more jumps and 15 more years in the sport. I started flying 100sq ft canopies when I had 300 jumps in year 3 of skydiving. I would suggest that 5000+ jumps over 15 years on small canopies might give me a place from which to speak. I would also suggest that the fact that you flew yourself into the hard-paved ground from 800ft, under your newly accuired, ultra high-performace, massivly downsized canopy gives me a place from which to speak. You can get mad at me for pointing out the obvious, or you can get mad at me for the way I pointed it out. The solution isn't to get mad, the solution is not to act in such a way that can be characterized as such. If you weren't pushing it in every way possible, and defending your actions with statements that make it appear that you think you or your situatuion are 'special', and that the common knowledge about these things don't apply to you, then I wouldn't have anything to say. Like it or not, nothing I said is untrue and nothing I said is anything but 100% your doing. That's the real lesson here. Where's the 'like' button? Good post! Apologize if i came off like a dick. Bottom line is i made a mistake... But on the other hand i look at it as i had enough knowledge to recognize it and was able to bail and get down somewhat safely. We could be talking about it in the incident forum. So there was alot of good that came out of it. Its gonna happen. Bottom line. Like a top 3 swooper in the world told me last night. The guys that never get hurt are not pushing it and really never advance. Ask almost all swoopers and they will say they have gotten bit at some point... 5500 is alot. I wasnt trying to bash the guy or put that aside. I know how i fly my canopy and the courses ive taken to advance... This is just going to make me that much better and give me the memories to take it to the next level. I think its not always a bad thing when you have a mishaps... In the end it wasnt that bad. No broken bones... Ill keep flying and growing. You cant get better without pushing it and getting outside the safety box...i guess it all depends on your goals and what you love doing. Apologize if i offended anyone... Thanks for all the advice/criticism
  2. With all respect. You dont have aton of jumps for 17+ yrs in the sport. So as far as numbers go i was above average and moved down when i and other felt it was right. Guys with 10,000 jumps make mistakes. Im just trying to figure a few things out. I guess i could not reach out and say screw it...
  3. Put a bunch of jumps down with coaching since then. Flying on rears was goin fine. I actually brought my swoop s up about 200+ ' or so higher than the xfire. But i see your point. Have lots of quality jumps in a short period. Just held it abit too long before i knew it was time to bail. The knowledge i have learned luckily helped me realize what not to do as in keep on rears. Had another canopy course in May. But i was flyin the jvx confidently and just starting to feel at home. Wanted to put lots more on it and keep advancing.ill get through itband fly it again...
  4. Ya between runway & taxi way is straight dirt. Ive swoop over that area hundreds of times. But definitely will reconsider a different spot. Thanks
  5. Hey thanks for the run down. Hope your doing well now. Thanks again for taking the time to throw something down. :)
  6. Yep. Took my jvx 99 loaded @ 2.4 abit to low. Bailed from rears too toggles over asphalt headed towards dirt after a 270 from around 800'... I know... I f'd up...scuffed my left knee up. (Just asphalt rash) my right leg i took a chunk of meat out below knee and a smaller one on top of foot, small fracture but nothing shattered. It did tear i think its called the patella tendon... Im more bummed because I felt i have been really advancing and doing well. Over 1300 jumps the past 3 1/2 yrs. not sure how i should feel (obviously alive is good) ... Just SUPER bummed, frustrated, mixed emotions... first major injury so looking for some advice on what i should expect , maybe anyone had this type of injury the time table for recovery (in their experience) But ill throw this out there. Don't be a dick and get on here and bash. Just trying to get some real life advice that you've been through. We all know swooping has its risks, and i have always accepted it. Just looking for some knowledge and advice from guys that have been injured and how they were able to deal with it. I keep beating myself up and questioning it over and over and over. Did get some great advice from a top canopy pilot. Just seeing what everyone else thinks. (If your a large canopy flyer trolling looking to vent and bash , punch yourself in the nuts :)) Ill post a few pics. The one where i have both feet on ground is just around impact time. Maybe going 35-45 mph... I hit then got throw a good distance. You can compare yellow strips. And i know asphalt is not ideal. So skip it.:) Thanks a lot guy...
  7. Probably because you clicked on it. And then CHOSE to read it. I was told there would be free food served here. I was dooped...Most will learn that everything does not need to be logged ... Probably should take your own advice. If it's so annoying to you then why even bother waisting the time to comment? &_& I was excited it's been a long time goal of mine to finally complete it since I started it back in 2006. Still waiting for the free food.:)...
  8. Probably because you clicked on it. And then CHOSE to read it. I was told there would be free food served here. I was dooped...Most will learn that everything does not need to be logged ...
  9. Its easy... I go on trips ALL the time with my wife and 3 young kids... Just split the time up between jumping and family fun... Really not the hard... I go to lego land oneday then hit up Perris and bang out 10 great jumps. Next day disneyland next day skydive SD bang out morejumps... Usually my family hangs out at hotel relaxing on the days i jump...guess it depends on your financial situation to... Just make jumping the #1 priority and all will work out... :/
  10. I know all the other stuff. It was just swooping on my rears. Been doing fine now and its going great . Thanks. Worked with dusty smith abit on my 270's . And have another swoop camp set up for may.
  11. Not really. Errrrr. Its all in the w/l ing... Of course they are gonna handle different but she weighs nothing
  12. You will love the x fire 2-119. I did over 400 on that then went to a jvx 99... Its solid. Great opening and a great canopy to advance on. Good luck...