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  1. Yes I do weigh nothing. I weigh 130 Exit weight and im on a student 170. Its flying me. Very choppy feeling with winds. I got 7 jumps in this weekend and got my A license. I will downsize when appropriate. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Well this was a lot to wake up to. My fiance had a long talk about everyones post. He has asked me to stop posting because it does nothing but get me upset and we know what we need to do and we know what my instructors need me to do. Good luck and blue skies to everyone.
  3. Thank you for some positivity! My master rigger, S & TA, and DZ owner, and radio pilot from under canopy has stated that becuase i am so light and do very well with the 170 and landings, "a 135 will be appropriate with the correct training" so i will be jumping a 150 before the 135. Thanks for all the help guys! Quote
  4. Just looking for some good advice. I am a student with 19 jumps and just had my first cutaway on jump 18. I was very calm seeing as I had JUST gone through my emergency procedures that morning. It was tough to "pull" the cutaway handle until on the 7th try I must have "peeled" and everyone on the ground said it looked like a flawless cutaway. I kept both cables (not even meaning too) and the main fell right in the middle of the landing area. Only thing I had to buy my rigger was a bottle of rum! So since it didnt shake me too much, I went back out for jump 19 on a different 170 and felt weird under a sabre 1 instead of a sabre 2 but did ok. I am getting psyched up for the A license check out dive. So any advice on that would be great. I also just bought a 2000 javelin with a micro raven 150 that I am having my rigger inspect on safety day. I am also going to be getting my Spectre 135 main on saturday as well. I know I will need to demo a 150 for some jumps to get from a 170 to a 150 demo and to finally my 135. I am 5'2" 105 pounds which is why I am buying the 135 because I will most likely want to stay on that for a lot of my skydiving career. My fiance hasnt been able to jump with me very much on my 25 student jumps so he is very very very excited for jump 26 and has a whole day planned for fun jumps! Only 6 more jumps :)
  5. Hey there, I wanted to post some great news! I had posted a few weeks ago about some weight issues I was having and I went to the tunnel and got some great coaching! I went out for my 16th jump and actually got a coach jump in! I did my 3 docks without floating up because I finally relaxed my arms! I was very rigid before but now feel great. I also used to be very wide in the sky with my legs, but after the tunnel coaching I am able to arch better with better leg positioning. Now onto some weights, Im not opposed just need to know how and when to get them. Also looking for a rig and canopy for a tiny person (5'2" and 105) is very challenging but hopefully one will come up soon! Just wanted to share some good feelings!
  6. wont be doing 4 ways or RW :)
  7. thank you drew. I have worn my vertical suite on solos. the coach has been wanting me to wear spandex student suite because it has grippers..but they arent even getting close enough to grip! i want to wear my vertical next time. i have heard about weight belts and i am oppose to them under student status because i would rather learn with out them on. i have a really great arch but i back slide...i am not even considering weights because id like to free fly more than RW so i am hoping i will not have to buy weights. i have a spandex under armor suite that is tighter than tight but im sure it would be colder than cold lol
  8. Good Afternoon, I joined dropzone so I could get feedback on questions I have about my skydiving. I am a 23 year old female who weighs 104 pounds. YEA! NO ONE CAN FLY WITH ME! I have 14 jumps now so still in student progression but im onto coach jumps and no one can stay with me. The aff instructor did ok during all of my categories, maybe i was arching better but was def. back sliding. now i traded straighter legs to not back slide and im going 90 mph! ugh..going to the tunnel in raeford this friday night to see if the coach can maybe get me to arch while having bent knees? help