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  1. Why switching to an other Mode like pro or speed? What´s up with switching off after the unit registerted that the canopy is open. For what you need a second activationmode? I understand the lower activation speed for the freefall / flight with the wingsuit but when you finished that part you don´t really need a second activationmode. When you switch it to pro you never will get that speed under wingsuit friendly canopies to activate it and thinking about to switching it to speedmode is timewaste. So for why that switching? I´m not an IT-man just my thinking about it and to switch something off is easier as to switch in an other mode. Or i´m wrong in that? Like i said i´m not a software or IT man.
  2. Hi AggieDave, do you have any videos of your technique? Maybe inside and outside? Would be very interessting to see it.
  3. Hi all! I have some jumps on the Xaos 27 in 88 now and i love that canopy. Best x-braced openings so far that i ever had. Really good flair and feedback from the canopy. My wingload is 2.5 under the canopy and the Xaos still brings me home from a long spot. So maybe this could be my next canopy.
  4. It would be very interessting. But 77 is defintive to small for me.
  5. Hi all! Sorry i had a computer break down the last two days. Thanks for the answers. The 27 Cell should only be for daily work. For Competition i use a normal velocity because the comp velo is to expensive for me. Maybe next week i get a xaos for testing. Did anybody know where i can test the scirroco in europe?
  6. Hi, i´m looking for a 27 cell mostly for daily work (Aff, Tandemvideo, Instruction), freestyle fun and a little bit for comps. Which one is the best for that? Long swoops
  7. Thanks for the answer. What happen to your homepage? Why is the page not working?
  8. Hi! Maybe you can help me. I want to contact precision but there Homepage is down or something like that. Can somebody give me a contactpossibility to precision? Or does precision not longer exist? Long swoops Christian
  9. Hi, on the pictures you see the equiment from us which stolen. We need your help to get it back. Our homedropzone is in germany, but if you see any of that please contact me. Thanks
  10. Hi all, I´m thinking about to buy one of these two small cameras. But don´t know really what is the better choise. What are you thinking? Which one is better for AFF the GoPro or the Contour?? Thanks for the informations
  11. Hi! you can take the XF-15 from Jojowings. It is a 21 Zell with really great soft openings. I´m a cameraman too and i don´t want to have an other canopy.
  12. Hi, what is your sequence to stow the rds?? what is the easiest or the better the fastest way to stow it?? If you chosse "other" please write your sequence down in that thread. long swoops tamagotchi