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  1. Yeah, I was just going to say that. :) A 20-way belly for freefliers is about as hard as starting from the sit! Who we kiddin? ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  2. Hey. Lookin to get a fullface for the seasons up and coming HD bigways that might get a little combative....100 way you say? So, between the Z-1 and the Oxygen, which has better a better seal and performance at 170 mph? Nevermind fit, just looking for the better due to application. Thanks. Brad ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  3. No one really got too much beer and spit in out and got Jason in the head.....concentration was lost and a small disagreement ensued...... I think they did it again....but lost the majority of the crowd after that. ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  4. Holy shit....that's a funny pic of Jason on the beer bong......I have never seen such focus and determination in a beer bong race.... ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  5. Now that's somethin I'd like to see....... ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  6. Hey everyone...... Next weekend, 24-26th, at Skydive Oregon, we will be organizing for a new unofficial HD State Record. If you have participated on HD Formation jumps before, or are confident on stinging a formation, come play! There are no registration fee for the record, except the fee that is already there for the boogie itself. I hope to see you there.... Brad ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  7. Hey everyone. Add myself to the list. I will be organizing another unofficial HD Record attempt, and hopefully we can bump our 2005 record of 9. Why only 9? That's all the freeflyers we had at the time, but that was not during a let's hook it up and at least double that! Friday will be spent working out the base and exit, and hopefully if all goes well...we will have a new record by Sat. night. Come on NorCal......get up here! ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  8. I think a canopy might be necessary....... ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  9. Nationals at Skydive Chicago. By far, the best DZ I have ever been to, with the most amenities and non-jumping relaxation. ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  10. thanks. ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  11. Video is up..... [/url][url] ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  12. I will say that Mellisa Nelson deserves some props for toughing it out on the last jump with a broken ankle (didn't know it yet, but the pain was still there). I was docking on her in our whacker line, and I was very glad she didn't bow out, as I didn't want a new flyer in her slot. But besides that, I honestly believe that the props go to all those whos this is thier first event of this magnitude. There were many who had never been on something this size before, and pulled it off. I believe that the least experienced flyer had just over 300 jumps, but is also a tunnel instructor. The crazy thing is, is that he got put in at the last second and only made one jump....the record jump. Imagine getting on at that time, after everyone else has had the sight picture for the last 13 jumps...and he has to get it all right on the first time. Crazy. I would also like to recognize all those that came out and didn't get a chance to participate in the record jumps. There was way more people than they wanted to make an attempt for, so many were cut as a result of that. Thank you guys for coming out and sacrificing your week for a good cause. Everyone that attended are amazing flyers. Whenver SDmovies approves my upload, I will post the link. ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  13. Vert...its been going on for the last two days, since Weds. We had 2 days of warm ups before hand, with several 30+ ways being built, I think even a 40-way. The goal is a 69-way, as we have many flyers here this year all jostling for a slot. The jumps have been very very promising, and all I can say is that we are very, very close. Lets put it this way, quoted from one of the organziers "every jump we have done today has been a record", but its just not our declared record. We'll get it. ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  14. Every PC I have had, has had the lanc take a shit. 110, 115, and 2 120's. I got about 15 minutes into the last one, without a manual, then I chickened out. I've got the manual now, in electronic form, and I might take another stab at it. ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....
  15. Fr33flyr, I made a set of these a couple of years back, when I started to swoop. Since then, I have made them for a couple of people that saw mine, and wanted a set of their own. They are made out of 1000 denier cordura in your color choice with a closed cell padding sandwiched inbetween the layers, to prevent water retention. They are closed by extremely tough velcro as you don't want them to come off in a rough landing. The covers are also wrapped in your color choice of piping for a nice finish. I have competed for the last 2 years with these on, and there is damn near no wear on them at all, and better leg straps are still spankin new! Now, am I looking to turn our a shitload of these? Not really, but if you are really needing, or wanting a set, as I haven't made any in a while, I would be willing to take some pics and show you what they look like if you are interested. B. ------------------------------ Controlled and Deliberate.....