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  1. Kimblair13

    twisty sigma drogues

    Yup...just send them back. Sucks to realize you have a bad one when you get cracked on opening.
  2. Kimblair13

    Accommodation for Eloy

    Get a hold of Jason Peters or Amy Chmelecki on FB. Or James Alan.
  3. Kimblair13

    Accommodation for Eloy

    For how long and how many people? Jason P and Amy C have a rental super close.
  4. Kimblair13

    Axis - Niklas whos flown with him?

    Yeah he's really good. Great coach and super nice guy. Just took Amy C's spot on Arsenal as well!
  5. Kimblair13

    The IBA Indoor Skydiving Online Competition

    Can people at Skyventure Arizona compete?
  6. Kimblair13

    Where to go for freefly tunnel time?

    It gets a little warm but nothing horrible. None of the staff leave from the tunnel for the whole summer, maybe regular short vacations here and there. Get a hold of Jason Peters, I guarantee you won't regret it!
  7. Kimblair13

    Liquid sky?

    He's in the middle of opening another shop on the West Coast, so that might cause some delay. He's usually good about response and I'm sure he's not purposely ignoring you. The suits are totally awesome so order one! :) I've dealt a lot with him, maybe you could PM me some of your questions and I might be able to help?
  8. Firebird (German manufacturer) has used it on all their gear for quite awhile, even sport and student rigs. It's great and once you jump it a bit you don't even notice the difference of loosening or tightening being a bit harder. I've had leg straps loosen quite a few times with tandems, but since jumping the Omega (Firebird) system with the anti-slip hardware I've never had a problem. It's great stuff.
  9. Kimblair13

    Paul Hardin

    RIP Paul. I'm gonna miss flying with you.
  10. Kimblair13

    sl/iad or aff after a couple of hours tunnel?

    You buy your son tunnel time, but are worried about the cost of AFF?
  11. Kimblair13

    Best DZ to spend a SEASON working on jumping

    Eloy, for sure, you won't regret it. There's always something going on and always Load Organizers during the season.
  12. Kimblair13

    dropzones near portland

    Go to Skydive Oregon in Molalla. You're gonna find the best gear, planes and landing area there. Also the friendliest people. All of the instructors they staff are great to jump with.
  13. Kimblair13

    Take away item(s) for tandem student

    ***Seriously? He always made me pay $20 for the few I lost.***, but that would be cool to give people.
  14. Kimblair13

    Take away item(s) for tandem student

    I always gave them the rip cord after they pulled. (Strong System). Then I just told the owner I lost it.
  15. Anyone know anything about who to contact to get gear onto the "approved" list in Finland?