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  1. tsalnukt

    Fingertrapping 550 cord?

    what exactly are you trying to do?
  2. tsalnukt

    Stuffing into centre cells... wtf?

    .........yeah dude.....totally works....... just curious, what kinds of trouble do you think it could cause?
  3. tsalnukt

    icarus soft link on reserve

    cool cool.. Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware there was an older generation of them. Either way, I replaced them with PD reserve S-links.
  4. tsalnukt

    icarus soft link on reserve

    thanks....I guess I should have included a picture to start with.... no markings or anything to identify.... Found a picture of them here: http://sky-shop.eu/icarus-slink-reserve what do you all think?
  5. tsalnukt

    icarus soft link on reserve

    Hi, Packing up a Nano reserve and it has soft links on it that I can only presume are Icarus soft links as there are no markings. Does anyone have any expereience with these? Are they legal to use on the reserve? Is there any way identify if they are in fact icarus removable soft links? thanks
  6. tsalnukt

    Rigger in Boston?

    I'm up at skydive new England in Lebanon Maine. It's about 1.5 hrs from boston though.
  7. tsalnukt

    travel visa workers

    In order for them to be "taking away" from legal workers, there needs to be an overabundance of legal workers. In my experiences, the pool of legal workers isn't necessarily that large and in many instances not that great (not that skilled, not that personable, not a hard worker, winey, bitchy, etc....) I have worked with a lot of people from a lot of different countries and in general they are way more fun to work with because they are not working. They are skydiving. Whether doing fun jumps, tandems, AFF, or whatever, they are skydiving and are very happy to do so. Many of the 'mericans I've worked with suck because they aren't there to skydive, they are there to work. They bitch about having to jump. they bitch about not getting to jump. they bitch about bad weather. they bitch about good weather. They bitch when there is no work. they botch when there is too much work. In general, Many of the legal to work skydivers here aren't really doing it to skydive, they are doing it to work and have forgotten all about skydiving. Maybe it's not an influx of foreigners coming to take away from the americans, but rather a bunch of hard working reliable skydivers coming over here to have fun and make some skydives. Maybe it's a bunch of DZO's that have been burned by douchey American drogue throwers that they would rather have decent reliable skydivers work for them instead.
  8. tsalnukt

    Three Rings Inspection Question

    Maybe bringing your rig in from the landing area in a tangled mess and having to disconnect one three ring to sort it out and you are on a call and rushing around to hook things up......maybe???? Tandems three rings get "twisted" sometimes when you lay the rig down, and if it's not fixed can cause riser failure. You would want to make sure that they are laying the way they are supposed to, could happen on regular sport rigs as well. It's just good practice to give your rig a good going over everytime you jump regardless of how well you take care of it in between jumps
  9. tsalnukt

    Multiple closing loops.

    Waiting for things to break before fixing/replacing things is just bad. Why not take care of your gear like a responsible skydiver. Then you don't have to worry about horseshoes, premature deployments, and other ugly things that can almost totally be prevented.
  10. tsalnukt

    noise in incidents-forum *rant*

    I thought I was the only one that thought that way.
  11. tsalnukt

    Skydive New England

    This place is the best kept secret in skydiving. Best vibes on the planet. Nowhere else I have been quite compares to the friendly atmosphere and "good times" that you get at this place. Swoop pond, paintball fields, raging bands by the raging fires. Great mix of flat flying and freeflying and everybody gets along. NO SKYGODS!!! Great place to learn and jump. If you can't have a good time here...then you probably can't have a good time anywhee else.