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  1. "Second, pulling right out of a sit is kind of irresponsible." - I don't know if I good understood - I don't open by myself. That was my own decision. Bad decision.
  2. Thank you all for your answers. The canopy has been tested and is ok. I think that this situation can happen during normal opening. I shared this with you because once someone can happen to something similar. I'm going back to the original bag.
  3. It's not about speed, but about exit bag from container and opening canopy ;)
  4. I don't blame premature opening on d-bag. I blame d-bag (magnets) that it didn't keep canopy inside bag when PC take it from container. if the process of opening were normal, links would be tightened and there would be a normal process of opening a parachute. It didn't happen and all lines and canopy were on my back and legs, canopy just blow up, slider does not slow down the opening. BOC/bridle protection/closing loop - everything was ok, checked on the ground by me and my friend, before exit i have checked hackey. BOC is in very good condition (DOM 07.2015).
  5. Paratec Next Century NV3.5X Canopy is Safire3 159 (brand new, only 25 jumps) Brad suggested that he will sew bag for 170 ft. canopy and he do that.
  6. I bought stowless bag from Seamless Rigging Brad Barnett Look what me happened to me on video: That's what I wrote to him: ""Hi, I have jumped with this bag around 30 jumps. In last one I have got premature opening in sitfly. This magnets didn't keep canopy inside bag, parachute exploded and melted the slider. My thighs are all sine and back ache today. I got sick from work for a month. Well I was already in belly position because I could have twisted spine and even killed. If the bag would be at least two rubber bands that it did not happen. I think this bag is dangerous. I want sent you this bag back and get my money back because I need buy new slider." Now, he delete my post from his wall on facebook, he didn't respond to my messages and finally he blocked me on fb. That's how he treats customer.