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  1. Pendragon

    Wingsuit 100 way at Perris

    I was hoping to meet some of those guys. Where are you DSE? It's been great jumping with so many talented and safe wingsuit pilots; something none of us get the opportunity to do very often.
  2. I'm sure someone has probably D-bagged one... but in line with paragliders, their line sets and trim would not make any speedwing I can think of suitable for higher speed deployments.
  3. Pendragon

    Nethers Wingsuit Weekend

    Looks good; I'm gutted I didn't make it over. We'll have to catch up another time!
  4. Pendragon

    Safire 2

    1.4 to 1.6. Much higher than that and you should think about a Xfire2. I regularly jump a Safire2 129 @ 1.6 for wingsuiting and get nice swoops out of it doing 270 turns. At a lower wingloading, the riser pressure may build up too quickly to go much beyond 180s. Personally I would load a Xfire2 around 1.8 - they're way more fun and take on a whole different meaning than how they behave at 1.6 in my experience. Higher than that you should go xbraced.
  5. Pendragon

    Coolest way to exit from tailgate?

    I like high-speed passes, but solos/2-ways are better bets with these or you risk scattering the whole load for miles down jump-run, and it is best to speak to someone who has done this in the past before trying yourself regarding the (manageable) risks involved. Two-way linked gainer exits (facing the tail) are also a lot of fun; leg wing shoulder width apart with arm wings collapsed and holding hands. Give the key then jump and let the slipstream throw your legs over your head... With the gainer exits, some jumpers inadvertantly keep the suit in a dive for too long and lose altitude quickly; something to be mindful if trying to get a small flock together.
  6. Pendragon

    Wingsuit Flocking ==> Balloon Suit Flocking?

    I know what you're thinking. For big flocks, neither too fast nor too slow is ideal as you lose range. I've been in flocks where they were moving so slowly that I was either sinking out or on a level zooming into the sunset. Some of the newer big suits are actually more stable than their "lower performance" predecessors, although I agree that there are many "vanity" wingsuit flyers out there...
  7. I've probably got too much on too, but I'd also like to second Jarno's thoughts on the Hungarian boogie. The organisers are very welcoming, know how to party... and Kaposvár has great weather that time of year (it was mid 30s Celcius last year, and blue skies all day ) You won't be disappointed if you go! Richard
  8. Pendragon

    Wingsuits at Eloy Holiday boogie??

    A few, but varies from year to year (from my experience of the last 3) 3 years ago, there were about 10-15 (although not all jumping wingsuit all the time) 2 years ago there were hardly any 1 year ago, about 8-10 FWIW, I think most were out in Florida
  9. Pendragon

    AEROS Ballistic 115 in USA!

    Is this the same Aeros from the Ukraine that's being making hang gliders for years? Those guys made some good stuff.
  10. Before trying any form of approach where you deliberately accelerate the canopy (double fronts, flare and recover, front riser turns of even small rotations etc etc), you need as a minimum (IMHO): 1) 200 jumps 2) The ability to land consistently on target 3) Able to land cross and downwind 4) Have worked on executing a pattern with defined downwind, base and final legs: so being at a certain point in the sky at a certain time (like 3D accuracy) 5) Understand how your canopy responds to front riser input whilst above 1,000 ft (length of dive - does it dive further and recover positively? What is the maximum height loss for a given turn? Can you do that consistently - same input each time?) 6) How does that change with toggles (e.g. how much you can influence the recovery arc by going onto brakes early) 7) Have been briefed by an experienced canopy pilot on all aspects of safety, preferably through a formalised course (e.g. Wingtips in the UK, Brian Germain's course in the US etc etc) Doing (7) should make you aware of the others. The suggestions for canopy exercises (3-6) should be done for the first time only after consultation with an experienced canopy pilot / instructor who knows you first. Hop n pops, preferably from altitude if you can, will allow you to learn a lot - more working time. Take it slowly...
  11. Pendragon

    Back tracking

    First the disclaimer - be careful tracking on your back at low jump #s. It's harder to keep a heading and remain altitude aware. I would suggest to anyone starting to back track to go out with someone more experienced when practising for the first few times to make sure you're not going around in circles. As for not dropping out the sky, back tracking is a bit of a black art, and takes a bit of practice to get right. Optimal position is to have your hips up (like arching at the sky), and your head right back so it cups the air... almost like you're looking more in the direction you're going. If you look more towards your feet, then you'll bend at the waist and increase your fall rate.
  12. Pendragon

    Landing traffic question??

    There's your answer. Sounds like the exit order wasn't so well planned - higher wingloadings / longer delays out first.
  13. Pendragon

    HD and Sitfly

    It's all possible... and everyone goes at their own pace. Sitflying is relatively easy to get the hang of, but head down is relatively hard. Think: standing up is easier to balance than on your head! If money isn't an object, go to a wind tunnel. Start going now if you like; they'll have their own safety protocols and progression sytsem. A little time there will benefit your AFF progression. The other thing you can do to help - once you've got your licence, go somewhere warm (like Z-hills in florida) for a couple of weeks and put the jumps in. You learn faster if you stay current.
  14. Pendragon


    Out of curiosity, what wingsuit was it? I found the original Skyflyer quite twitchy and prone to flat spins, but have never experienced any problems with my Acro, V-1 and S-3.
  15. Pendragon


    Excellent! Now that's two people I know that have summitted... 1 for each of the last 2 seasons.