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  1. Nos1s


  2. Due to high demand we have had. We decided to bring the Cessna 208 Caravan. The single jump will be 25 € 13,000 feet. And equipment rental € 10. For this event will require at least 250 jumps to jump these days. Later this requirement will disappear and will operate like any other area. (Excuse the inconvenience). We look forward to every day 26,27 and 28 June. In the Aerodrome of Matilla, Valladolid (Spain)
  3. I have for sale a laptop and a person offered me this camera to change. It has a one year warranty and less than 100 photos of Use. What you think of the camera to jump? I do not understand Cameras Thank you for the tips
  4. Hi everyone wanted to inform the project that took more than a year working and that if anything goes wrong we start the days 26,27 and 28 June. Staggered start our activity throughout the summer. We will have deals on houses and hotels for attendees. Individual ticket € 25 and one Pilatus aircraft available I put the link of the event if you want more info A greeting. For information in English call: 667077282
  5. Thank you very much for the tips
  6. thanks for the help. More or less is what I had in mind. A Sabre2 or Safire 2. Best Crossfire 2 that the Safire 2?
  7. I wonder what would be the ideal for beginners in the canopy swoop. 380 jumps have not and jumped in the last years. The smaller canopy flown've been a Sabre 170. I'm thinking of buying a new canopy and it was the ideal place to learn. greetings
  8. Thank you very much for the help ChangoLanzao
  9. Nos1s

    Skydive Valladolid

    Abriremos por primera vez los dias 26,27,28 de junio. Por motivos administrativos la apertura definitiva se realizara mas adelante. We will open for the first time on June 26,27,28. For administrative reasons, the final opening will take place later.
  10. Good morning. I would like someone let me use a picture of tandem jump for a billboard. We have many but not meeting adequate. I've been looking online but do not want to have problems with the owner of these photos. Thank you very much for the collaboration
  11. It is a good place to ask, I had not happened. Thank you