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  1. Hi I'm after recommendations for a good PD dealer in the states. One that can offer some form of discount on RRP would be even better. Cheers Rich
  2. Like has been said by many others before, training kicked in for me. No thinking or fear, I just knew what had to be done and did it. In my case, I had irrecoverable twists/spinner from an intentional stall. Afterwards... Elated, from the combination of adrenaline, excitement, and knowing I can do what needs to be done when the shit hits the fan. It's the ultimate validation of training and skills, something that can't be truly tested for any other way. Didn't have any fear on subsequent jumps. Obviously, the vast majority of people cut away in emergency situations, but there is a very small proportion that doesn't, maybe through fear. They try and deal with the mal until it's too late - ending with a low cutaway or heavy impact.
  3. I've heard it said that you really need to be doing a minimum of 50-100 jumps a year to stay current from a risk reduction point of view. In my short time jumping, the most dangerous people have always seemed to be those who are licenced but relatively inexperienced and haven't jumped for 3months+ e.g. inadequate separation, lack of alti awareness, low turns.
  4. I'd speak to UPT direct. Here's their sizing chart in case you haven't got it. Bear in mind that a 170 will be a very snug fit and you may struggle if your packing skills aren't great. Also there's some size differences between PD and Aerodyne canopies of the same size e.g. A Pilot 168 packs bigger than a bigger than Sabre 2 170.
  5. I ordered the 2-piece, and whilst they feel a bit weird on the plane and walking around, under canopy it's so much easier to sit back than the 1-piece I had on my previous Javelin. I ordered from Sandy G, following is a quote from his option notes: "I have two rigs - one has One Piece Leg Pads the other has Two Piece. I will never have a one piece leg pad again. In my opinion the two piece leg pads are way more comfortable and they don't have extra fabric that can inflate while head down like the one piece. Some people like the extra padding under the ring and believe the one piece leg pads are more comfortable. I prefer the two piece leg pads because they allow me to adjust my leg straps to the perfect position for comfort without the restriction of the one piece connected leg pads. This is mostly personal preference."
  6. I know of someone that successfully used the Ricoh Theta S 360 for some jumps. Quite a novelty being able to pan around in realtime playback. The big issue with most VR cams is their shape and position - a huge snag hazard, the resolution and quality is crap for anything but VR too. Basically there's nothing that will do everything well.
  7. Ok. Maybe I should have said a good chance rather than likely. By HP I mean the technical definition of any landing with purposely increased speed, rather than swooping. I'm sure it varies by DZ, but the majority of jumpers I know with 500+ jumps do these, even if most are 90s or straight front riser. Those with over 1000 jumps that goes up to 80%+
  8. ^^^^^This I thought I wouldn't need the canopy alarms, but now love them. I set one for 2k cutaway altitude, as additional awareness in case I got distracted fighting a mal. The other pattern ones allow me to concentrate on traffic instead of continuously checking my alti for turn points. (I fly with 2 audibles - so essentially have got the use of 6 canopy alarms!) They're also coming in useful now I'm starting high performance landings - something it's likely you'll want to start doing a few hundred jumps down the line.
  9. Wow thanks. Aren't slider sizes canopy specific though?
  10. Thanks, I'll ask around. Out of interest by what mechanism do they usually split?
  11. Yeah. In fact this is one of the reasons. I had this the other day when trying to pull the slider over the brakes both came off at the same time. I've contacted PD and they don't do a split slider suitable for the Sabre 2.
  12. Does anyone know of a 2-piece / detachable slider suitable for general canopy use i.e. 150 Sabre 2? I'm not looking for a RDS system, just something that's easier than stowing it behind my head, which I find a faff getting over the brakes/dive loops and it reduces my FOV to the sides once stowed. If there's nothing off the shelf , can anyone see any potential hazards in getting a rigger to make one up? I was thinking something like a zip in the middle, potentially with velcro cover if the zip would cause wear/ or allow air through.
  13. If it's that clear cut, how come practically no-one uses them?
  14. Suggest you read Sangi's downsize story:;search_string=sangi;#4203276
  15. Great. hopefully ok then! Think it was an issue specific to the Desert DZ, apparently even though the wind was in limits the sand limited visibility. Booking this eve!