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  1. I believe that I have decided to go with the Quattro
  2. I've eliminated the Solo2 as a choice. It is between the Optima or Quattro as they have features that I may eventually want even if I do not need them now. Same price and similar features. Hard to find a clear winner and I do not think I can choose unwisely here. I'll just go with the one most mentioned in this post. Thanks everyone.
  3. Seems to me that, for the most part, everyone agrees on the top three choices: Solo2, Quattro, or Optima2. I do not yet see any strong case for making one choice a clear front-runner or to exclude any choice. Maybe I really cannot go wrong with any of the three.
  4. I do also have the option of using the Atlas alti on my wrist for the canopy alarms if I decided I needed/wanted them. Anyone have an opinion on which audible for the helmet? Solo2, Quattro or something else?
  5. Thank you for the input. I think the three high-speed tones are enough. I not sure why anyone at my level would want tones in the landing pattern. Plus the Solo2 is $50 cheaper.
  6. I have 40 jumps and I am starting to buy gear of my own. I would appreciate opinions on audibles for my G3 helmet. I have a new Atlas on the way to me to use on my wrist as an altimeter and for the log information. I want a simple and reliable audible as a backup to my eyes and altimeter. I keep hearing Solo 2 or the Quattro, so I guess those are the front-runners at this point. I was just about to buy the Solo2 (because the Quattro has more functions than I need and is priced higher) when I was told that it was junk. Back to square 1. Advice or opinions? Thank you to the ones that are always offering wisdom to us new jumpers.