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  1. Going to order a Vector and just wondering what the difference will be like in the air and under canopy between the one piece or two piece leg straps. I only freefly and don't know what option to go for , Any advice out there would be much appreciated as don't want to get it wrong and regret it !!
  2. Anybody out there had a modern Vector V3 and now has a Voodoo CURV ?? Interested to see how the contoured CURV fits compared to the Vector. Love the look of Vector (BUT) CURV looks a lot better closer fit to the body for free fly. And with their new yolk webbing system to spread the weight of the container and take the weight of your shoulders it looks AWESOME !!
  3. Anyone out there had any dealings with a firm called ?? Ordered a G3 Cookie 5 weeks ago, and then asked last week (5 weeks later) what the status of delivery was as had been told could be as long as 5 weeks. Was then emailed and told "Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be able to fulfill your order at this present time and therefore have refunded you. Please allow up to three working days in some cases for the funds to show up on your card again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused" . Now 8 days later and with no refund I have left lots of emails and voice mails and James will not answer any emails or voice mails and has also now removed his name from the voice mail answer machines !! £347.00 down and not a happy chappy. Any information on this man would be appreciated if you would like to pm me and will of course be treated with strict confidentiality !! ;( ;(