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  1. Agreed, it may not be the best system avail generally (I would not steer a newbie to this system).... but it's the best system for me ! I've been around the pullout/throwout conversation for some time. In the BASE environment I jump BOC. Skydiving I prefer pullout. I just love the feel of positively opening the rig and pulling the PC into the airflow, and feeling it snatched from my hand. The tactile feedback in this deployment technique gives me much info. Thanks for all the responses - G.
  2. Apart from Racer, can anyone please advise what other H/C manufacturers are offering a true pullout as an option? It's not all that apparent from the order forms and websites. I can see a nice setup on the Mirage. Wondering who else... Many thanks ! Gary "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  3. I never said that - your listening filter is on. This jump is being advertised as no parachute and I said there prolly will be one worn.. that's all. "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  4. Bet the instructor supervising shit his pants ! "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  5. I foresee, as with Gary's WS landing, despite the hype... he'll have a rig on. Happy to be proved wrong.... G, "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  6. The Australian Record for the biggest formation in Australia is 81. The World Record for the biggest number of Australian in Freefall is something different alltogether. The limiting factors of the infrastructure (available aircraft and resources) is what makes the record pertainent to that particular country. In Australia, skydiving records (and most other sporting records) were historically exclusive to geographic location and separately defined in most sporting codes this way . I remember the AUSTRALIAN 50-WAY (way back). The rules were changed in the APF not that long ago to allow an Australian record to be held on other than Australian soil. A ridiculous outcome to many onlookers. Should the biggest pumpkin grown in the world be classed as an Australian Record even though it was grown in the US (by an Aussie) using US science, soil, resources, technology, water, sunlight, etc ?? There is no ambiguity about the fact that the biggest fomation in Australia is 81. g. "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  7. Congratulations. A US record of the most Australians in f/fall formation in the US. The record for the biggest formation in freefall in Australia is 81 jumpers and was achieved on 21st October 1999 in Corowa. This is the biggest formation ever to be formed in Australia. It is an Australian record. The record stands in Australia as 81. g. "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  8. All this talk of milliseconds over Pop Tops Vs Vector Vs Skyhook means shit. If you are down so low that a quarter of a second means life or death then you deserve to die!! Show me the fatality stats that back up all this crap. Show me the many fatalities that would've been averted with a reserve deployment of a quarter second earlier. Skydiving.. a quarter sec at terminal = approx 55' so I reiterate that if you are down this low you can't go blaming your gear if you go in. In BASE - 55' means a lot - different story. g. "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  9. Wayne packed a Pegasus canopy with the slider-removed in the reserve tray of his Trimpig container (an old Parachutes Australia rig circa 1977). I have posted many media articles from that day as well as from the aftermath of the jump in the BASE "articles" section of the Australian Skydiving forums: link here but you must be registered to view. g. "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  10. Video of Wayne Allwood's legendary jump has now been placed online for all to marvel at. CLICKY "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  11. Relative Work - usually happens around Christmas & Easter. Bores me to tears and I can't wait to get away from my relatives and go jumpin. g. "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  12. A person is dead (a victim of negligence it possibly )and many people are bereaved. You cannot waive your right to sue someone for negligence in most civil Western societies. Either there is negligence or the isn't - the courts will settle this. Check your facts before opening your mouth and have some consideration for the victims here. What have you lost in this ordeal?? "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  13. Exactly One Skyvan I jump has instructions on the door.... "Check tandems hooked up + check spot" But another aircaft (same DZ) conflicts with the message... "Green light = open door & GO" Spotting includes checking for aircraft in conflict. As parachutists (except students) we are all responsible for our choices. If one of our choices is to allow someone else to open the door who doesn't consistently look out for the spot then so be it. Another choice could be to have a look for yourself on jump run before green light or power off... get yourself near the door... learn to spot... take over the spot... .. or you could just leave it to someone else and take what comes. Conflicting aircraft over DZ's is nothing new and something that has been a problem in skydiving for decades... ... so why don't we look anymore?? "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  14. Well... if you wanna just wait for the green light and GPS spot then this is what you get. Proper spotting includes having a fucking look for aircraft in conflict EVERY time... at least this is what I was taught. If you choose to leave it up to the loadmaster to do this then this is your choice... or you can choose to loadmaster yourself... your choice. g. "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .
  15. Thankyou - now I understand better your gripe that you are choosing to voice here for everyone's consideration. "Altitude is birthright to any individual who seeks it" .