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  1. Sorry our website threw a fit... This link should help!
  2. So after my 8 years as a professional skydiver, It's finally time to hang up the altimeter.. my misspent youth breaking all my bones has finally come back to haunt me and despite my love of the sport, getting back into the sky anytime soon is not going to happen. But with any end there is a new beginning, and hopefully the beginning is Akuzoo - Our First project you can find here Check it out, Let us know if you have any ideas or requests, we'd love you to help us design the best gear on the market. We are aiming to release a bunch of different configurations, including harness attachments, Helmet bags, Camera gear inserts etc.. but we need you to tell us what you want! I'm excited about the future, I hope you guys like what we're up to. Sam C
  3. crashtested

    RW Suit

    2nd RW suit, and i love it, fits well, has a huge amount of power in the legs, and the price is Fantastic.. The measurements they asked for seemed like a lot, but the fit of the suit makes it all worth it. Super stoked.
  4. Thanks for voting... It's not the one i was thinking of.. typically... i guess this is why they pay marketing companys so much!!
  5. Please help me out, i am having a bit of a mare deciding which logo to go for. They are going on the shoes and hopefully a range of other clothing, once the designs have been done. it take 10 seconds to vote thanks in advance
  6. Hello Everyone, I was hoping that some of you might be able to help me out. I would like to put together a video for a student presentation evening that I am putting together of a load of Collisions, mistakes, and the like for an educational brief. I would prefer to get videos from people with experience, and a short description of what went wrong, and why. I realize that there is a certain amount of shame that people feel when they make massive mistakes, and maybe they would prefer to sometimes keep them hidden from the judgmental wold that we live in, however i promise you that having Them sitting there, on your hard drive is not going to help anyone, nor save lives, or prevent injuries in the future. By having experienced skydivers involved it may start to break down the skygod mentality that is sometimes prevalent within the sport. And show a few (80 students) that shit happens to the best of us. If your keen, please send video clips to [email protected] With your name, Jump numbers, and a short description of what went wrong and why. I would really appreciate some input. Thanks Sam C FAI D106767
  7. Let me tell you.. Larsen & Brusgaard Once again these guys have blown me away, to the point that I feel the need to send them booze and cake. I am A professional Skydiver, I have A LOT of gear. Maybe 7 or 8 products from these guys and I needed a little bit of maintenance doing on a couple of bits, one of my Audible buttons seemed to get stuck, The back of a 5 year old altitrack needed a new battery case. I sent them an email, asking if I could buy a new back, and a new button, they told me to send it to them to do. 8 days later, (New Zealand to Denmark and back) Received a package, no note or bill, Just fully refurbished gear, it looks like new. I'm Absolutely blown away, and feel embarrassed that you did not ask for any money for this service. Thank you so so much guys, You absolutely rock, You have my business forever, and recommendation sealed for life.
  8. Hey Everyone... we are getting there, but am still looking for some more DZ's To participate... Send an email to [email protected] if you would like to join the fun :)
  9. why is there a 20 DZ limit ? Because the budget at this time will only cover 20 kegs of beer for the participating drop zones!! if we get a bigger uptake we will have a look at making that number bigger. Cheers
  10. Hey Guys, To clear up a few of the questions… Size of speed star = 5 or more- for small plane Dz's Size of speed star = 7 or more for big plane Dz's The jump limit of 500 is solely for the person organizing at the DZ… This was to ensure people with some big way experience would be looking out for the newer guys… we are encouraging people of all ages and abilities to join in the fun. I hope this clears that up. Sam C
  11. Hi Everyone, WHATS IT ABOUT?? As one of the missions for Deepseed this year, they have asked me to put the word out to see if we can get enough interest to complete a round the world Speedstar record. HOWS IT GOING TO HAPPEN?? As we spin around the sun, we would like to have Skydivers throughout the world form a speed star, at designated times. WHO CAN BE INVOLVED WE want to have skydivers of all abilities, and ages to join us, people from all nationalities and beliefs, countries and drop zones large and small. HOW DO WE SIGN UP All the information about the event is on the new Deepseed Newsletter, including contact information etc. Thanks Sam C
  12. The amount of hypocrites on these forums is quite incredible. Every single one of you has made a bad judgement call in one shape or form in your skydiving life, yet your trying to hang someone for their fuck up, are your lives that dull?? Its pathetic.... move on!!
  13. Nope this is not me.. I don't see any real benefit to releasing breaks on a sigma :) . not only from an obvious point of view, but i don't see how inducing a turn could help you get out of line twists on a tandem canopy, i also did not like the exsessive lines it created by attempting to do so, nor the fact it seemed to push the twist down from the lines to the risers. I have had one cutaway on a tandem due to line twists, and have since found that having the passenger adopt a good arch with there legs between mine to be more useful then having them attempt to scissor kick there way out with me. I do like the idea of having a student filming there own experience.. pretty cool
  14. The dreaded line twist and how to get out of them debate... This is not really a idea in my book, but people are more then welcome to argue the release your brakes argument with me. I like the student hand cam though, pretty cool!! anyone on here use this as an offer at the work place ??
  15. I have around 1800 tandem handcams as a heads up to my experiance on this. I'm 6ft 220lbs If you can't fly without one arm filming then you should not be doing tandems, let alone handcam tandems. how anyone can't fly there body and a student who lets face it is taking 70% of your air, in any position / orientation needs to look at there flying ability / exit position. The super wide lens is a godsend for those tm's with smallish arms, 5ft 6inch people, one of out tm's is know is t rex, due to his minute arms, he gets aweome footage using a cx110 with a .2 ninja lens, and with steady shot on. We also dual this up with go pro's or the like for pictures... the image res si great.. as awesome a shot as most outside footage. I see the go around with the student filming, but i would much prefer to have there hands in there harness. and be in a place where they are thinking about body position, rather then trying to get an awesome shot, i think overall the quality is comprimised, however that might be reflected in the price you charge.?? (i have no idea) And i still have not heard of a incident involving a TM wearing a well constructed hand cam... my set up is not much bigger than a large altimeter, with no snags, i would not do it otherwise... and the day i compromise my life for "the shot" goes into the category of the day i have a ADD fire... New job needed!