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  1. Instructor holding the PC in the doorway as students exit? Seems kinda risky. Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  2. I have knows plenty of stupid guys to go out and get an R1 too, one of them killed himself. by the way whats worse than death? Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  3. This might be a repost, but I couldn't find it. Shows some good communication, buddy checks airspace above and deploys for the hurt guy. Thoughts? Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  4. why static line only? I know there are a bunch of DZ's that have A license packages in a week here in the US. Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  5. what was the malfunction? Just curious. Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  6. maybe it was this guy Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  7. I just dont get how you have a C license, decent amount of jumps, and are this cluless on how the gear is intended to work. Pretty scary if you ask me. Like stated 1,000,000 times in the past, you cutaway at or below 1000 AGL, the odds of your AAD even firing are slim to none, let alone getting your reserve out. Do yourself and others you jump with a favor, learn your gear, understand its functionality and make logical choices. You choose to jump with a bum shoulder, take as many precautions as you can. also, WHY ARE YOU "AADLESS" FOR A FEW MONTHS?
  8. You wrote that, published it to a website, and you have the gall to snipe at anyone's grammar? Also, personal attacks are frowned upon by the admin and moderators of this website. Please refrain from using them. Particularly when you seem to be inviting others to comment on how they apply more to you than their target. Yeah, and flat tops are frowned upon by anyone that is not still living in 1983. Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  9. Here, I'll fix it for you. Commas typically precede the word "and." As you see the period is enclosed in the quotation marks chief. By the way, to say they are commonly used in that way is 100% incorrect. Read your post again, you said my spelling and grammar were piss poor. Which by the way, your above statement should read "Besides, I was pointing out spelling..." but nice try idiot. Again, commas and periods go inside quotation marks. WOW, I feel so empowered now that I pointed out your horrible grammar. EDITED FOR: Oh wait, I don't have to edit my posts like an idiot. Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  10. what I don't understand, is how the hell the price of a few rigs/canopies can have you in that much trouble? Thats how fine of a line you are operating with? Just refund the money, probably a total of what 10,000-15,000? If thats enough to put you out of business, then maybe it is time for you to close the doors. Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  11. Reason is capitalized, West is also, there is also a comma after state, know as the Harvard comma, you used it in the wrong context. PS - jesus isn't real. Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  12. sound familiar? i.e. you will burn in hell if you reject christ. That is usually what people resort to when they can't counter a point. Keep correct peoples grammar on the internet chief, that really shows how superior you are. Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  13. Because like MOST christians (99%), if the argument does not favor their opinion, then it is not valid. They find ways to skirt around valid points by twisting things around. I gave up a long time ago debating christian nutbags. Its a complete waste of time, they are shut off to anything you have to say, they are ignorant in so many ways its honeslty laughable. Take the OP here, this idiot doesn't know the first thing about Islam, yet he hates it. How can this be? Because what you read about or hear about on the news, thats what you base your opinion on? There are extremests in every relegion, get over it. Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  14. Are you really that stupid? For one, to adopt one and not the other is a complete joke and a mockery of christianity. Both "books" are said to be viewed as sacred scripture, you should ask "god" for his forgiveness for your blasphemy. You know that the new testament you so blindly follow is a translation right? As in, you are trusting that it was translated with no slight in mind, no spin one way or the other and nothing lost. Let me break it down for you in real life terms. The bible is a bunch of horseshit, written to control weak minded idiots by use of fear and to make a lot of money in the process. When you die, you rot in the ground chief, nothing more nothing less. There is nobody sitting on a cloud in a white robe. There is no hell, no devil. People choose religion for a variety of reasons, the biggest and I'll quote some of my idiot christian friends, "If you're right (meaning me) then big deal, If I'm right (christian) then it IS a big deal. Nice little security policy, but meanwhile you tote around shoving this stupid piece of literature down everyone’s throat like you are some supreme being. Honestly, the way you judge people and other religions is the biggest hypocrisy. If you are a christian, then let "god" be the judge. You should just keep your mouth shut, keep tithing that money and let all of us "sinners" live our lives in peace. Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.
  15. who's money did you buy them with? By-the-way, do you rip off people in Australia that can see you in person easily? Or just people halfway accross the globe? Moriuntur omnes, sed non omnes vixerunt.