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  1. liftedtitan

    Get "A" quickly

    why static line only? I know there are a bunch of DZ's that have A license packages in a week here in the US.
  2. What are you basing this on? Could it be something as simple as economy?
  3. liftedtitan

    velo 103 in icon i3?

    oh we go.
  4. liftedtitan

    Back from first Tandem. Now what?

    well if your wife really cared about your happiness, and this makes you happy then she wont stop you. Just explain to her and show her the statistics about how safe skydiving really is. Most people think were a bunch of crazy idiots, but they dont really understand mathmatically it really is safer than most sports. sit her down, tell her how happy it makes you, and promise her it will only be one day a week (tell yourself its just one day a week for now) then ease her into to two days etc.
  5. man watching that reserve pilot chute skim by that drougue is a little nerve wracking to watch huh? glad you made it out ok, have you heard anything from strong?
  6. liftedtitan

    Icarus 330 openings and line twists

    i dont know crap, but whos packing it? could it be being packed improperly?
  7. liftedtitan

    Container Sizing Inducing Malfunction?

    can you try another container? maybe a buddies? im way too new to know if it would make any difference, but it doesnt worry you at all to have a harness thats too big for you?
  8. liftedtitan

    So, you think you can PsychoPack?

    do we get a free canopy if we win?