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  1. https://youtu.be/RaC-a72kmCQ Since i've turned out along the wall in the plane the flap opened unintentially. Short after exit the wind hit the bridle and the pot went out.... and then the mess started with ending in a cutaway. since we left the plane at 4000m i had plenty of time to deal with it. but i could have avoided that one easily with turning through the open door and not along the wall...
  2. i tried several ways: straight approach, stay in the brakes with the toggles and then let it go und pull down the front risers.. then i tried to brake it with the rear toggles and move into a 90° with releasing just one side... yes it takes up Speed but almost impossible to hold it for 4-5 seconds in that position. an no i'm not weak, 4 times a week in gym should be enough an no, the plan is not downsize or change canopy directly after winter time. i'll be in Dubai for two weeks during february so i'll be able to jump my canopy and continue practising. if Pablo is there i might do another canopy course. maybe there's a chance to jump a demo but i haven't seen that some of the manufacturers are around during that time. my plan was to change my canopy during spring after having done several jumps with my Pilot - and not a direct Switch.
  3. Aloha Folks, need your opinion Actually i'm jumping a 168 Pilot - i've done 250 jumps with it during the last two years and joined 3 canopy piloting courses during that time. i've done all the stuff like downwind & crosswind landings, backriser landings,... and at the moment i manage to land more or less every jump within 10 meters. but now i'm stock a bit... the canopy is great, nice openings and very stable flights. but if you want to go a bit faster it's all over this thing just wants to fly straight - speeding it up ist almost impossible, i can hold it only for 2-3 seconds in the frontrisers for a dive (no i'm not weak) - it's just the limitation of the chute i guess. Even the expert from Flight1 said: dude, you need a smaller canopy... So now i'm in the downsitzing question. My actual wingload ist 1.27. So with my little experience of total 360 jumps the stepdown to 150 would be reasonable, not more. i've visited all the manufacturers homepages and read the discriptions of the canopies but it's hard to choose the right one. and since it's winter time over there will be no option to test jump different canopies within the next months. but which chute make sense in that case? Again a Pilot with the same flight characteristics or something else which flies a bit more agile. i mean i'll not try to become the super swooper, i'm too old for that
  4. very very sad... http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/10/19/uk-belgium-crash-idUKBRE99I07T20131019 i don't know anyone of them but R.I.P. guys! blue sky