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  1. ...and what exactly are you looking for someone to say????? You do realize that UPT is involved, right? You do relaaize if there was a major flaw in the equipment that needed to be addressed so urgently as to prevent another accident like this from happening you would have heard about it by now? PLease....what answers are you looking for and what do you want to hear from the FAA and the USPA??? It seems like you are demanding answers without posing an actual question.....You are also doing this on DZ.com....Maybe try calling your regional representative and UPT and see what they have to say about but complaining about it on dropzone.com isn't really going to get you the answers you are seemingly so desperate for. I'm sorry
  2. To me that's "Skydive 101". I was taught to always turn your rig towards the inside of the plane. ITs part of protecting your pins/gear.
  3. what exactly are you trying to do?
  4. .........yeah dude.....totally works....... just curious, what kinds of trouble do you think it could cause?
  5. cool cool.. Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware there was an older generation of them. Either way, I replaced them with PD reserve S-links.
  6. thanks....I guess I should have included a picture to start with.... no markings or anything to identify.... Found a picture of them here: http://sky-shop.eu/icarus-slink-reserve what do you all think?
  7. Hi, Packing up a Nano reserve and it has soft links on it that I can only presume are Icarus soft links as there are no markings. Does anyone have any expereience with these? Are they legal to use on the reserve? Is there any way identify if they are in fact icarus removable soft links? thanks
  8. ....I think it's funny when a DZ increases jump ticket prices for a boogie and then says they will credit your account for any unused tickets but only at the regular jump ticket rate........and yes there was a boogie registration fee. I lost a lot of faith in humanity on that one
  9. I'm up at skydive new England in Lebanon Maine. It's about 1.5 hrs from boston though.
  10. I believe the way PD sets up their dealerships doesn't leave a whole lot of room for discounts. ...but I could be wrong
  11. You would think, but I see fewer and fewer 'professionals' these days.
  12. It is far easier to manage vertical separation than horizontal separation. People under parachute have a duty to pay attention to where everyone is in the sky with them. It is also their responsibility to create their own vertical separation in order to land safely. When groups are at the mercy of FF drift it is not as simple to say, "just leave more time." This has been debated since Freeflying was invented. It has been widely accepted that it is generaly/more often/best practice/to put flat flyers out first followed by freefly. Some places do it differently, yes, but I have yet to hear a decent enough argument to stray from the 'norm' Yeah dude, there are some exceptions but I am speaking generally. and I'm also not talking about moving groups and wingsuits.
  13. ....and what make it not the best system? What system would you say is the best??
  14. sometimes the camera guys want to see themselves. We used to do it for fun a while ago. You can splice the vids together for a different perspective of the skydive. looks like a2g vid set-up.
  15. I'm not sure you can blame the premature deployment on your d-bag. Might want to look into your BOC/bridle protection/closing loop area first.
  16. Religious belief class????
  17. This will probably start some excitement......................... The manufacturers are going to give you the answer that bests covers their ass, as they should. Manufactureres recommendations are just that....recommendations. You are fortunate enough to have a rig where the closing loop retainer is inside the rig on the wall of the reserve container. This allows for a little more flexibilty in canopy sizes as that you can shorten the heck out of the closing loop and get the container closed with sufficient tension on the loop. With that being said, if you really want to know if iot will work, find someone with a 140 and pack it into your rig and see how it fits. shorten the closing loop if you have to. Show it to people with experience that you trust at the DZ and see what they say. It might be fine or it might not. Either way you will def be able to learn a few things about your system and how it works. Maybe Aerodyne, like others, measure their parachutes differently and a 140 is actually closer to a 150. I'm not telling you to ignore the manufacturers advice.....I'm just saying check it out. You would not be the first person to put a canopy in their rig that wasnt' what the manufacturer suggested and you wont be the last. Just be smart about it and educate yourself.
  18. Just curious....What sort of "guidelines" do you use to determine if a little tiny hole (1-4 squares) is a)left alone, b)rip-stop taped, or c) patched?
  19. tsalnukt


    dumb. The TM should never have let that happen.
  20. How about for those that don't want to use facebook for any and all new and information?? And for those that don't have a facebook account? Remember when most of the prevalent skydiving conversations used to happen on this skydiving forum??
  21. Kind of surprised there is nothing on here about the Head Down record in Chicago. Anyone got any updates?
  22. In order for them to be "taking away" from legal workers, there needs to be an overabundance of legal workers. In my experiences, the pool of legal workers isn't necessarily that large and in many instances not that great (not that skilled, not that personable, not a hard worker, winey, bitchy, etc....) I have worked with a lot of people from a lot of different countries and in general they are way more fun to work with because they are not working. They are skydiving. Whether doing fun jumps, tandems, AFF, or whatever, they are skydiving and are very happy to do so. Many of the 'mericans I've worked with suck because they aren't there to skydive, they are there to work. They bitch about having to jump. they bitch about not getting to jump. they bitch about bad weather. they bitch about good weather. They bitch when there is no work. they botch when there is too much work. In general, Many of the legal to work skydivers here aren't really doing it to skydive, they are doing it to work and have forgotten all about skydiving. Maybe it's not an influx of foreigners coming to take away from the americans, but rather a bunch of hard working reliable skydivers coming over here to have fun and make some skydives. Maybe it's a bunch of DZO's that have been burned by douchey American drogue throwers that they would rather have decent reliable skydivers work for them instead.
  23. you didn't get fired. You got blessed. that is def not someplace anybody should be working. You should say thanks!
  24. ...expire before the end of the repack cycle. The rig itself is due for a repack now. Cypres DOM is june14 2010, which means that it will stop working with almost 2 months left on the repack. What do you do?? send cypres out foor service because you don''t want to have a cypres become 'in-op' during the cycle??? Leave cypres in and repack it and let him/her worry abouit later when it stops working?? Curious to know how people would handle it....