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  1. From skyvan they always jump from 13000 ft . The bullshit starts when we jump from cessnas . Also they use to put a lot of slow motion in freefall on the video to cover the missing seconds of freefall
  2. yes they pull below 4000 ft but i have no proof for that . How i am supposed to report that ?
  3. i can only say that is not a fix DZ but a moving circus . The guy owns few rigs and moves from one place to another . The planes are hired .
  4. its in Europe .Often the exit was 7 k because of ATC restrictions , sometimes bit more around 8 or 9 k but never more than that .
  5. Well , there is always something new to learn in this great industry . Most of the DZ has a red card for the low pullers i get fired because i pull too high
  6. one of my landings on hop 330 in turbulence
  7. Hi Here is my story . I ve done 2200 tandems and i have 1 pax injury .He didnt lift the legs up when i told him to.And now I and DZ owner have been sued for 24k euros.Not sure if insurance company will cover it . I have to wait next 2 months to see what the judge will say .But i start thinking about give up doing tandems after all is just not worth the money you earn.
  8. Peter G ++ swooping, freeflying at skydive sebastian RIP
  9. Hi I got fake money check send by post and he got my adress and name.I didnt went to the bank because i found whats going on also didnt give him my bank details .Can he still screw me up or i am save? regards
  10. Hello ATTENTION i got false money check from this guy send by post!!!! He got my adress , hopefully nothing more.I didnt send the rig and i didnt give him my bank details etc.It looks dodgy from beginning.Question in here - can he fuck me up if he has my adress and name ? Greetings , How are you,hope you are great.. I am very sorry i did not send you an email, I had a ghastly Auto Accident on my way to work and i have been in the Hospital since the occurrence , I am a bit okay now and currently at home. There is a little mistake about the payment and i am very sorry about it . When i was in the hospital , I called my secretary on the phone to issue and send the payment to you due to my absent from office because of my accident , So i didn't know the phone conversation was miserable ( not clear ) so she mistakenly issued (€ 3,350) and she sent it to you, I will be very grateful if you can be a co-adjustor to me . Please, whenever you receive the payment, kindly accept and bank it for clearance . Please bear with me the situation and sorry for any inconveniences the issue might have caused you. Kindly,accept my apology and i will be very grateful for your understanding,and i will also give you a call later today. Thanks and have a blissful day. I will really Appreciate your mail Regard's
  11. Hi What was Your feeling during last tandem jump?Was it something sentimental like when pilots making last flight before getting retired ? You quit from skydiving at all or just from doing tandems ,,,,,
  12. Hi It was all before;search_string=conect%20or%20not;#3030686
  13. Does it doing to fit ? PDF techno 115 in V 304 micron. I fly ve 84 and it would fit in 304 but reserve seems to be large .For 306 reserve would fit ok but main will be loose. looking for advice thanks