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  1. Flyer of the event. A few slots left.
  2. Come for the jumps, the sun, the sea...the party! Cyprus Sunshine Boogie: 28 May - 3 June 2018 Grand Caravan jumps from 13.500 feet Superstar Load Organisers and Coaches Formation Skydiving: - Milko Hodgkinson (30th May - 3rd June) - Siân Stokes (30th May - 3rd June) Freefly - Reed Ramage - Jakub Langowsky - Marcus Budgett Wingsuit - Tasos Polycarpou - Robert Krenken More names to be announced! 7 day registration fee for €280 includes: Free Evening Meals every night Free Drink every night Campsite Goodie bag RC plane show Beach party Limited slots available!! Jump tickets are €25 To sign up: complete the form: AND pay the registration fee IBAN: CY40 0050 0121 0001 2101 0781 4501 BIC: HEBACY2N Name of account: SYND. ALEXIPTOTISTON KYPROU / CYPRUS PARACHUTE ASSOCIATION
  3. Thank you for the info Doug.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I will let you know.
  5. Hello, Any rigger in Boston that can assemble my new rig? It arrived at my friend's place (whuffo) and I want it assembled so he can bring over to Europe for me, at the end of the month. Let me know. Blue Skies
  6. Thank you for the information. Anyone that can help me with accommodation?
  7. Hello, I will be in Cardiff for a few days late May-early June and I am looking for somewhere to jump and stay. Any Cardiff skydivers that can help? Blue Skies
  8. Hello, Anyone knows of a dropzone in the Basque region or closeby? I will be in Bilbao in February and hoping for some jumps. Cheers
  9. Any dropzones near Malmo? Any information will help.
  10. Hello, Any information on dropzones near Copenhagen? I will be there this weekend and would love to jump. Thanks
  11. Hello old friend, Thanks for the info. How is everything?
  12. Hello, I found some old posts that might not be valid now. Anybody can recommend a dropzone near Milan? Cheers
  13. Hello Danish jumpers, I will be staying in Herning and planning to go jumping in Dropzone Denmark this Sunday. Any information will be helpful in regards to the time the dropzone opens, prices and what type of jumps usually take place. Any wingsuit flyers around? Also anyone driving from Herning to the dropzone that can give me a ride? Blue skies
  14. Hello, I will be in Brazil next month and I would love to make some jumps. I found a dropzone in Fortaleza and some around Rio. I know Boituva is the biggest dropzone but it is a 7 hour drive from Rio. Anybody can help with dropzones around Rio? Also has anybody jumped in Fortaleza? There are no reviews for it here. Any Brazilian jumpers here that can help?
  15. How can I delete a drop zone? Megara in Greece no longer exists. I am the one who put it on here.