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  1. Kimblair13

    Accommodation for Eloy

    For how long and how many people? Jason P and Amy C have a rental super close.
  2. Kimblair13

    Best DZ to spend a SEASON working on jumping

    Eloy, for sure, you won't regret it. There's always something going on and always Load Organizers during the season.
  3. And if anyone knows what the FAA Class III equivalent medical is for Germany, Swiss and Canada that would be good too.
  4. Kimblair13

    Wats more important for freeflying??

    A FF safe container is probably more important than looking good. But I love my LS Suit.
  5. Kimblair13

    Skydive Oregon

    There's a really cool boogie there the end of August. Skydive Oregon "All of The Above Boogie". Aug 28,29,30.
  6. Kimblair13

    2 way FF Dive Pool
  7. Kimblair13

    Wireless Internet and Gym @ Eloy??

    There is wireless at the Bent Prop. Free. I'm not sure how the gym there works. I think you just ask manifest for a key or something. I go to this gym... There is also a LA Fitness in Casa Grande.
  8. Kimblair13

    190 to 120?

    Yes. You could have got it, then sold it for $!
  9. Kimblair13

    Skyhook and Freebag

    No *Edit* Well...the one cutaway I've seen on a tandem with a skyhook the freebag was lost. AND...obviously on a total mal the freebag wouldn't stay with the main.
  10. Kimblair13


    Crack. Bananas.
  11. Kimblair13

    What is this tool? Is it even for rigging?

    Those look like the same tools my dentist uses!
  12. Kimblair13

    Do you recognize this jumper?

    Oh yeah...that's that one guy that was at the WFFC. Yeah.
  13. Kimblair13


    Well...this one time I went there and saw one of the Instructors working. It was pretty cool and stuff.
  14. Kimblair13

    Torn ACL and back in the air when?

    DUDE! TARA! WTF??? What happened??? This sucks...
  15. Kimblair13

    Used Cypres Calculator Help

    Nevermind I figured it out!
  16. Kimblair13

    Got to jumps with pops

  17. Kimblair13

    Instructor pay?

    You get paid? Wow. I thought we were all doing this because it was fun.
  18. Kimblair13


    Where's design 6, an Infinity!!!
  19. Kimblair13

    Buying Risers Contact Mirage.
  20. Hey just an update for everyone. Long story short, we've been landing on City property that was being leased from the State. City lost the lease because they wouldn't sign a revised lease re-newal (basically an attempt to get rid of us jumpers). So, land went back to ODOT...ODOT placed no trespassing signs. We then landed elsewhere on the airport. After a bit and for whatever reason the owner here at Eugene Skydivers did some investigating and found out that in fact where we've been landing IS CITY PROPERTY. So pretty much the City has been paying ODOT to lease their OWN LAND since 1994. Urban has copies of the deed from 1987 when ODOT sold it to Creswell. It's for sure. Pretty hard to believe that the City and State were that stupid. But good for us in that the City can't not let us land there unless they want to break Urban's lease...which I'm sure they wouldn't. That would be too expen$ive for them. A story will be on the local news here KEZI at 5pm. ODOT officials and Creswell officials haven't really commented...I'm sure they're pretty embarASSed. So WE ARE JUMPING! (and never really stopped) Glad to see that hard work and efforts by Urban Moore with Eugene Skydivers have finally payed off!
  21. Kimblair13

    Jim Slaton & Duane Hall

    I think there's more info on
  22. Kimblair13

    Firebird Skydiving, Bitburg

    Firebird Skydiving in Bitburg, Germany. Open Wed-Sun. 10am to sunset. We are a USPA DZ, have international load organizing and coaching. Offer AFF, Tandem and Video/Stills. HUGE landing area on the Bitburg Airfield. 2 1/2 hours from the Bottrop Wind Tunnel, RW and FF tunnel coaches available thru us as well as discounted tunnel time. First Friday of every month is FF Friday. Home to Firebird gear manufacturer. We make everything you need; Tandem rigs, Sport rigs, Student rigs, Tandem Main and Reserves, Student Main and Reserves, Sport Main and Reserves. Home of Skydive Luxembourg. Who hasn’t yet dreamed of skydiving? Do you want your dream to come true? With us you are in safe hands. We like to share our 30 years of experience with you. Individual and professional liaison and support are self-evident at our drop zone.
  23. Kimblair13

    What's your average tandem fall rate?

    Didn't you know head down with tandems is against the rules!
  24. I've always felt like a TI doing TOO much is only taking away from the student. Smile, couple turns, thumbs up or piece sign, pull.