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  1. Yup...just send them back. Sucks to realize you have a bad one when you get cracked on opening.
  2. Get a hold of Jason Peters or Amy Chmelecki on FB. Or James Alan.
  3. For how long and how many people? Jason P and Amy C have a rental super close.
  4. Yeah he's really good. Great coach and super nice guy. Just took Amy C's spot on Arsenal as well!
  5. Can people at Skyventure Arizona compete?
  6. It gets a little warm but nothing horrible. None of the staff leave from the tunnel for the whole summer, maybe regular short vacations here and there. Get a hold of Jason Peters, I guarantee you won't regret it!
  7. He's in the middle of opening another shop on the West Coast, so that might cause some delay. He's usually good about response and I'm sure he's not purposely ignoring you. The suits are totally awesome so order one! :) I've dealt a lot with him, maybe you could PM me some of your questions and I might be able to help?
  8. Firebird (German manufacturer) has used it on all their gear for quite awhile, even sport and student rigs. It's great and once you jump it a bit you don't even notice the difference of loosening or tightening being a bit harder. I've had leg straps loosen quite a few times with tandems, but since jumping the Omega (Firebird) system with the anti-slip hardware I've never had a problem. It's great stuff.
  9. RIP Paul. I'm gonna miss flying with you.
  10. You buy your son tunnel time, but are worried about the cost of AFF?
  11. Eloy, for sure, you won't regret it. There's always something going on and always Load Organizers during the season.
  12. Go to Skydive Oregon in Molalla. You're gonna find the best gear, planes and landing area there. Also the friendliest people. All of the instructors they staff are great to jump with.
  13. ***Seriously? He always made me pay $20 for the few I lost.***, but that would be cool to give people.
  14. I always gave them the rip cord after they pulled. (Strong System). Then I just told the owner I lost it.
  15. Anyone know anything about who to contact to get gear onto the "approved" list in Finland?
  16. I bet Kea Turner in Guam as well over 8000 now, maybe the most for a girl? And she's like 5 ft tall 100 lbs. She pretty much rocks.
  17. Can someone confirm that the Kevlar UPT uses for their drogue is Type 10 Class 3?
  18. When I first started skydiving I had just gotten my coach rating and was teaching a FJC. The dude was being a total creep and wouldn't stop hitting on me. I couldn't convey any information without a vulgar comment. This guy had pre-paid for his whole AFF course. I went and told the owner i couldn't do the course cuz the guy wouldn't listen and wouldn't shut up about where we could go on a date that night...the owner ended up taking all the dudes cash he pre-paid out of the register and gave it back to the guy and told him to leave and never ever come back. Knowing the owner I can't believe he let all that money go and didn't just have someone else teach the FJC. But at the same time it made me feel good that the owner actually cared about stuff like that. Thanks Urban!
  19. And if anyone knows what the FAA Class III equivalent medical is for Germany, Swiss and Canada that would be good too.
  20. I'm trying to figure out some different countries rules... I know in USA if you're USPA you renew annually. And get a new card and proof of your membership/renewal/ratings. Your insurance is with this. What is it in Canada? What is the proof it's been done? What is it for Switzerland? What is the proof it's been done? I know for Germany they get their license once and don't "renew" it. But you have to have your insurance renewed every year.
  21. hahaha. that's an awesome picture!