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  1. Well if you want to get old school you can just stare at the ground the whole time.
  2. I Appreciate this. I accidentally ordered 2032s instead of 2330s, then Googled "cr2032 audible altimeter" because I wasn't sure I could do anything with them. This post has been extremely helpful, thanks.
  3. Anyone know the dimensions of a Katana 120 slider vs that of a 107? I'm needing one for a 107 and found a look ma removable which is 52cmx79cm, and currently on a 120. Just wondering if it's compatible with the 107 and it's too late to call pd....that and I don't believe they officially endorse removable deployment with katanas as I remember.... Thanks for your help.
  4. "... from the rumors we're hearing both guys had low numbers of jumps. " It took rumors? The fact that it took 58 seconds to get a dock could also support this wild hypothesis. ...
  5. Rob is right on the money here. It's wise to check your reserve pin before every jump, not just through convenient windows. As for flaps that come untucked, that's pretty common with rental gear (in my experience)... I've only owned javelin and a couple vectors so I have nothing to say about aerodyne's containers, but I might make a third suggestion: buy whatever rig is safe and fits your needs today. If you can wait 30 weeks (I ordered my new one last November and it ships next week), Vector is a super container and they hold resale well. That said, I've been jumping for 12 years and this is my first new container. Since you are currently on rental gear, consider the fact that you may go through a couple downsizes over the next few seasons. .. buying a used rig that fits what you need today, you will most likely be able to resell it for what you put into it and even sometimes make a little profit when you move on. .. buying new from the factory is like buying a brand new car, you're going to take a hit in the wallet if you decide to sell it later. Just something to consider, I hope my opinion helps a little. Honestly, add long as it fits, I'm sure you're going to be happy with any rig that isn't rental :-)
  6. maybe pm BrianSGermain? He's got a pretty good handle on this one.
  7. ED ZACHARY!!! Thanks very much, this is what I was looking for.
  8. Not tie-dye, thanks though. I've only seen it in a photo, not in person, but it looked like the weave was IN the cordura, almost like rip stop boxes, but the texture was more significant. So frustrating, as GravityGirl was the one selling it and I asked her what it was, but she didn't know. Now, I can't find the PM/email that we exchanged and the rig in question must have sold as the ad is gone. Javelin also used a SIMILAR fabric a few years back, but not the same...
  9. I know that not everyone uses Google before posting questions. Not trying to be a dick, but I'm here asking because I'm looking for something specific that I've only seen once. I'm aware that UPT has a website which shows standard options. If you were trying to be helpful, I hope you're not offended. If you were trying to be internet sarcastic by providing the most obvious answer, then not that.
  10. I saw a used V3 online some weeks back and the fabric was a dark charcoal color, with what looked like a textured weave...would anyone know what this is called or have a photo of it? NOT digital camo, btw. Thanks for any help in advance.
  11. Now Yonkers, now thats a whole 'nother story....
  12. So, from how it appears, most of an instructor's day is spent encouraging newbies and muscling around first timers, or driving, or wiping the glass, and no one boasts about the much actual fun/learning flying time does the working man get? Do you get a certain amount of time that you can fly on your own time for a certain number of hours worked?
  13. You'll be glad you did. There's not a lot of talk about it, but if you buy an AAD, it's because you're planning for one of two things: Poor judgement or unconsciousness. If its the latter over the former, there's a fair chance you won't be awake to navigate or flare. Think about what kind of parachute you'd like to land with no input. Probably not something smaller than what you're working with now.