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  1. They are putting it on the hill closest to the highway? Ok then. Gotta be. This is the Google Map from 87N. Same angle.
  2. What is your source of info? Been hearing that they broke ground for nine months now. Anyone have something solid?
  3. Hi Everyone, Any news on this project in Yonkers? They are saying late this year, but any updates would be cool. I am sure there are tons of people waiting on this? Specific location within the mall? Thanks ahead. Vertifly
  4. I'll try to scam him back then. Anyway, is Paypal always a safe bet?
  5. This is my first post in many years, but I couldn't resist. So I'm getting rid of my gear; at least for the next 18 years or more. It's been a great run. After 16 strong and wonderful years of skydiving, I am hanging it up for a while. I've had the best times of my life with some of you. And I've lost some really good friends too. Perhaps a few too many for me to keep my sanity about it. Anyway, I'm so thankful to have been a part of this wonderful family across the states and more. As a plug in, I am selling all of my gear. It's all in great condition and it can be seen in the classified sections. Much of it was sponsored gear and I am passing on the savings to the next buyers. I hope it serves them well. On that note, this guy wanted to buy my Velo 90, and here went the conversation: Buyer: Hello,i just wanted to let you know am interested in your > PD Velocity 90,that goes for $990,i was actually browsing through your and saw it on there and decided to contact you to know if its still available and in good condition... > > Am from canada,and i will love to know how much you are actually giving it out for,and whats your best offer for it and more details about it...... > Thanks, K Vertifly: 990 is the best I can do. It is already a very fair price. Buyer: Sounds cool, so whats your form of payment? Vertifly: I cantake Paypal. The shipping would be $30 to Canada. Would you like me to send the Paypal request to you now? It can be sent out tomorrow morning via USPS. Buyer: I do not have paypal acct,so was thinking if a cashiers check will be preferable. Vertifly: You wouldn't need a cashiers check. I can send the request and you pay to PayPal using a credit card. There is a 4% fee for it, but I'm willing to split it with you. 2% each is 20 each. Buyer: Thats the problem i do not have a credit card and i wouldn't want to risk my bank information with paypal so sending a cashiers check would be easier i can make it available for instant cashing and soon as it clears then you can mail out the PD Velocity 90. Vertifly: Ok. I will hold the canopy until the check arrives if you like. How fast can you get it to here? I'm at ................................ . Vertifly: By the way, what is your skydiving experience. Buyer: I am 5ft tall weigh about 175lbs and have about 250 jumps i need a name that will be on the check please.. Vertifly: Sorry ........., I can't sell you this canopy if you only have 250 jumps. It will surely hurt you or worse. Good luck. Buyer: How many jumps have you\? Vertifly: If you have to ask that, then you should buy a canopy that the same size as your weight. Pluggin attached.
  6. We got your prime pilots that get all the hot skydives, and we got your pud-knockers who dream about getting the hot skydives. Now what are you two pud-knockers gonna have? Huh? Gimme a break dude. Go and do about 100 angle jumps, then come back and talk. To quote myself from June of 2003, "Re: [sundevil777] Problem with atmonauti article in parachutist [In reply to] Can't Post -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atmonauti has a good deal of characteristics about it which seperate its kind of flying from head-down flocking and flat fly tracking. Don't knock it until you try it - that is, try docking on a 4-way atmonauti base. It may not be as easy as you think. If you get the angle right when flying, the 45º (+ or - a few) that the article mentions...then you may be able to note that it is a lot more sensitive to vertical adjustments and horizontal ones as well. Dialing in a two way dock can even be quite challenging without ample time in the sky. I am not talk about a fly up and grab; more of a fly over to your slot and calmly dock. It is just different...dialing in a steady and slow dock is a completely different story. It takes a lot more discipline imo. The airspeed across your body (head to toe) is greater than tracking and very close to that of flocking. And this is the foundation which makes the dynamic more difficult. Because those who do it, I would guess only because I do, don't want to just move forward (although that is quite fun within itself)...we want to 360 turn, dock, change position, carve, go feet first, transition, and all the other fun stuff too. In addition, the possibility of horizontal distance being greater than vertical distance...hmmm, not sure about that really. It doesn't make me laugh though; it just makes me think about - how could that be true? Never considered it. But greater distances are obtained in atmonauti than from tracking. If it is true, it is likely to be caused by the arch in body position (i believe the arch may cause more lift). So I tend to understand where the writer was coming from. Please take a second to note that on these jumps the freeflyers are very hooked over on their backs or stomachs - this will provide a subtle lift - and at those speeds, a true 45º vector (or more) may be possible. I've only got about 130 of these types of jumps under my belt now and continue to experiment everytime I get to the DZ. I, for one, hope the phenomenon continues to grow - it'll set your fuckin hair on fire if you do it right....and that ain't no shit." ~The Hooch
  7. Cool fellas. Yeah, it's surprizing to us how quickly these events get booked. But I ain't complaining. The more the merrier of course. As of now, there should be room on the 19th. If not, there is always April!
  8. Hooch here, from Scarecrow. Check out our site on Facebook at "Team Scarecrow". We run 2 trips a month. One on the first weekend and one two weeks after that. We make sure that you get the best rates, have instructors present who know about getting started, and provide a progression that helps flyers understand tunnel-safety and 'what to do' for the first few visits; until you get the hang of it. Our Facebook page provides it all. Msg us through there. Tuck or Rob will respond promptly to any inquiries. Stay Radical - Hooch
  9. Hey Wayne: Yeah. I guess. It's a bit confusing as to whether the "Sign-off" is expecting a stable HUCK or a fly-through. My guess is that this maneuver can be done from Belly to Sit to Backlip to Belly or Belly to Back to Backlayout. The issue, I think, is that going from Belly to Back seems to present a pause in between. I can do a Belly to Back and Back to Belly layout. The pause would make this seem like two maneuvers, not one backflip. ps. You coming up to NH with Scarecrow anytime soon. The groups are getting much larger, and much more interesting. -Dave
  10. FLYER LVL IV - Expert Belly Fly Transitions Belly to Belly Backflip Transition ----------------------------------- Anyone know of a trick on these? Looking for insight to how to do one in the tunnel. Is this a HUCK maneuver? Or maybe someone who has a significant amount of time can tell me a trick to getting one done successfully. I'd like to know a step by step if possible.
  11. Search Facebook for Paraclete XP Freefly and SoCalConverge. The vids are on there.
  12. Let's all listen to "stayhigh". It was pretty good up until the last two sentences. In my opinion... Takes 100 to be an expert professional freeflyer. Takes 500 to realize how much you don't know. Takes 1000 to realize you may be able to be good. Takes 2000 to realize that without 500 jumps a year, it's difficult to stay on top. But you still could be great at this. Takes 5000 to be truly comfortable with flying. However, then you will start hearing about newbies with 100 to 500 jumps can coach freeflying better than anyone around. At 6000 and 4 1/2 hours of tunnel, and about $200k later, it's all been well worth it and still is.